Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Just Happened

Yesterday, after my grueling half-day of sitting in front of a computer and researching gross receipts taxes and biting my lip trying not to worry about peanut, I met DD outside my office for a spin around downtown.  Lately I have been running a hair under 9:00 pace fairly consistently, but I did not time my 8 miler on Saturday or my 10 miler on Sunday. Instead I opted for nice relaxing no watch runs in which I focused more on my thoughts and goals and hopes for the future than whether I was going to run my routes faster than last time.  I have always been somewhat ocd about my easy runs, insisting that they be at an easy effort even if I could push them faster and look a lot cooler in my log.  Mrp always took advantage of this when he'd go out for a run with me and he'd always leave me in the dust unless he was coming along with me on a tempo or faster workout.  Could I keep up with him? Sure.  Did I feel like it? No. I'm not sure why I am like this.  In other areas of my life and even in my running life past I was eager to prove my talent or skill at every opportunity.  I am a bit of a show-off, I suppose.  But I guess somewhere along the way running became my laboratory for exploring a more disciplined and relaxed way of living. Of course, my experiments haven't always worked and I've been a show-off idiot or a ball of stress on a run here or there, but compared to other areas of my life, with running I am pretty restrained.  

 It's been a long time since I've run downtown in the winter.  I had my old route (I blogged about this route last winter--remember the Hustler Club?! Oh, how I miss thee!) , but that has since become a victim to redevelopment and much of the old road has been bull-dozed. The summer routes aren't ideal because they run along the lakeshore, which this time of year is a windy disaster of a route.  So, I followed DD with no idea where we were going to go.  We ran through the heart of downtown before descending down through the construction and along part of the old route, up into a thriving neighborhood, back down along desolate stretches of barely used access roads, back up into another neighborhood alive with gentrification, before heading across a bridge where I let out an eek and jumped behind DD as a dog came running towards us just seconds after I commented to DD how fearless she was and how wussy I was! Then we went back down along the river banks before ascending back into our familiar world of Starbucks drinkers, double-parkers and lunching co-workers.  When all was said and done DD's Garmin said we ran 7 miles at 8:25 pace together! And it was moderately hilly and I talked the whole time and never once felt tired or like I was ready to be done! I could have run all day at that pace!  I am still 15 lbs above race weight and my easy pace is almost where it was before I got pregnant! I am starting to think, maybe just maybe I can run a pr in the half in 15 weeks! I think that depends on those 15 lbs. We shall see! But the point is that my easy effort pace has been improving exponentially without really trying to make it happen.  Hopefully, the same will happen with the weight loss!

So after the fantastic run, I boogied to my car and headed back east to rescue my sweet little buddy from the clutches of the evil babysitter. (Of course she's sweet, but she's not she's not me so I feel both guilty that he has to be there and not with me and jealous that she gets to spend time with him and I don't).  I did not call once the entire day.  At 2:00 I arrived and there he was on a blanket on the floor flapping his arms and kicking his legs and smiling and laughing and having a great old time!  He drank all the milk I sent with him and he even took one 2 hour nap with no issues whatsoever! He did great and seemed very happy.  Even in the car, which he usually hates and often screams and cries in, he was content (I think it had something to do with his Mallory the Monkey because by the time we got home she was covered in slobber!) He wasn't even super clingy later in the day.  Since he hadn't taken his second nap he was pooped so he nursed for all of 2 minutes before conking out for 2 hours at home.  So, it went very well.  Does that mean this is an ideal situation? No.  Is this something I can live with in the very short term until mrp and I figure out an exit strategy? Yes.  More to come about that later!

Anyway, here are last week's numbers for the record books.

Monday: off
Tuesday: 8 rolling miles from mrp's parents' house while mrp visited with his parents and peanut (8:54) (the road I ran was so wonderfully rolling that I hope to do tempos on it this summer!)
Wednesday: 5 miles on the mill while peanut happily played on his play mat (8:35)
Thursday: 6 on the mill after work while my mom watched peanut (8:48)
Friday: 4 on the treadmill after work while peanut played on his play mat (8:42)  (I wanted a mile or 2 more but I felt so guilty not lavishing attention on peanut after working half of the day even for the short 34 minutes!)
Saturday: 8 hilly miles while peanut napped under mrp's watch (no watch)
Sunday: 10 hilly miles while peanut napped under mrp's watch (no watch) (Since his naps have become very regular and predictable I can sneak out right after he goes down and we don't have to waste any pumped milk on the weekends--having enough for the week and maintaining an emergency stash are one of the hardest things about going back to work!)

Total: 41 miles
Weight: 143 (2 more lbs!)


Mnowac said...

Congrats on the awesome run! I can't wait to hear more about that exit strategy :) That shirt is really cool in that picture, I bet someone awesome got him that :)

I hope to be able to run with you on some of those easy runs this summer, I'll never keep up with you now that you have your running legs back!

Joann said...

Wow, sounds like your running is coming around pretty quickly, I see some PR's in your future :)

DC Running Mama said...

Woohoo! Hey, so I didn't see an email in your profile. Am I blind?? :> How's being back at work??