Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So, this working mother thing is tough.  Since I've gone back to work peanut has developed momdar and wakes up and cries when I leave the room at night.  We are lucky to get him to sleep for an hour at night alone before his momdar goes off and he refuses to go back to sleep unless I come to bed too.  The result of this is that I run around like a maniac at night trying to get everything I want to get done done before he wakes up again.  Sometimes mrp has to rock a fussing peanut while I brush my teeth and get my clothes ready for the next day.  Last night I made him rock peanut while I stretched because I hadn't gotten to it in two days! I know it's an adjustment (hopefully a temporary one--a topic for another day).  It just makes me feel bad for peanut that he needs to be so clingy and bad for me that I pretty much have no me time or mrp and me time at night anymore.  The upside is it forces me to get to bed early so I feel almost well rested!  

At least I have been finding time to run.  I think if I couldn't I would be in really bad shape right now mentally.  Running right now is time to clear my head and forget all my worries and now that I'm back to work time to socialize and have a little fun with my friends.  And speaking of running, it is continuing to come along.  I ran every single run but one last week faster than 9:00 pace pretty effortlessly.  I ran the one run intentionally slow and it made my legs feel really nice.  It was great to hook back up with my downtown running buddies and I am so pleased I can keep up with them now! I think once I lose this last 10-15 lbs that I will be in pretty decent shape.  I can't wait!! This week I am throwing in some strides into a couple of runs to get the legs and the brain reacquainted with the fast twitch muscles and then next week I will do one fartlek and probably a short tempo. Should be fun!

Here are the numbers for last week!

Mon: 7.5 downtown with DD (8:25 pace)

Tue: 7.25 downtown with E (8:44 pace)

Wed: 7 downtown with E (8:47 pace) (my calf hurt on this run so we took it a bit easier on the last few miles)

Thu: 5.5 downtown with DD, E and JC (~9:20's)

Fri: Off (took peanut to get his 3 month picture taken and the little bugger refused to smile pretty much the entire time!)

Sat: 8.58 on the mill (8:40 pace) (I thought about just doing my long run, but around 8.5 I got stitchy and light-headed, probably because I ate peanut butter for dinner the night before and the fact that I was sweating buckets inside so I was probably a little dehydrated)

Sun: 10.17 on the mill (8:30 pace) (Mrp had to work from home so I didn't want to leave him stuck tending to peanut and his job so I ran in the basement while peanut napped. I was hoping for 10, and got it in easily. Felt great! Played with the speed every 200 meters just to keep myself entertained. Watched an episode of Big Love for the first 6 and the listened to tunes for the last 4+)

Total:  46
Weight: 141 (just 9 lbs to pre-pregnancy and 14 to race weight!)


Clare said...

oh, the clinginess must be so hard! good for you for keeping up the runs though. i am dreading monday...but it totally helps reading about how it's been for you.

Heather said...

Oh I'm so feeling you! Angeline is fairly clingy by nature though it's better now that she can crawl-- night time it's still she needs her mommy! I've marvelled so many times... How does she know? But DH and I have noticed that while we are there, her eyes will drift open slightly - I'm there, she'll close them and return to sleep. We figure that's it.

jsmarslender said...

My Claire too. I think that when we're gone during the day, our babies just crave some mom time. And, truthfully, sometimes I just crave some baby time. Good work on the midday runs!