Thursday, February 05, 2009

This is It

This is it. It's the dreaded go back to work week. I am doing everything in my power to remain open-minded, but I am not going to re-brainwash myself either. I am going to seriously consider what it is that is best for my family and myself. I am also going to start stashing a lot more of that paycheck for the just in cases!

It helps me get out the door knowing I am only going in for half days for the first week and a half. I start back on Thursday of this week and my mother is going to watch peanut over here. I'll be gone from about 8:00 until 1:00. If things go as I predict they will, peanut will nap from 8:30 to 10:30, take a bottle and then go back down around noon for his second nap and wake up around 2:00. I will probably come straight home from work these days and if he's still sleeping, sneak out for a run and if not feed him first.

Next week is the scary week--when peanut starts going to the baby sitter's house. Monday I will get over there as early as I possibly can and take him right home. As the week progresses, I'd like to try staying out later, but that first day I will be speeding down the highway back to get him as early as I can forgetting about frivolous things like running!

Yeah, it's going to be so much harder on me than on peanut!

I am going to miss him so much. He is just killing me with cuteness lately! He giggles at my funny faces and talks to the ceiling fan and wakes up farting and laughing every morning. It is just so so so so precious! He giggles and splashes in the bath tub and loves dancing along to his nursery rhyme cd. He has also discovered his play mat. We have one that is ocean themed and he LOVES it! He was hugging the stuffed whale and talking to it yesterday. It was so amazing to see him all of a sudden go from completely ignoring all toys to making one his best buddy.

The one thing he has not done is roll over again. I think it was a fluke--he has just the right position and just the right momentum that one day to do it, but hasn't actually figured it out yet. The capability is there though, so we are on alert that at any moment he can go flying off of anything we put him on! Oh, and for a few days he was sleeping 4-6 hours at a time for the first stretch of sleep, but that has stopped and we're back to 2 hour (or less) stretches until I can't take it and take him in bed with me. The last couple of nights he's slept with me from when I went to bed until I woke up. It used to be that he'd wake up at night in his co-sleeper and I'd take him into bed to nurse and then he'd quickly fall back asleep and if I was still awake I'd put him back with no problem. But this just hasn't been happening. I put him in the co-sleeper and even if he is stone cold out at the time he'll wake up in a few minutes and start flailing all over the place and grunting. I'll leave him for a while to see if he'll go back to sleep on his own, but invariably he starts to cry after a few minutes and will only fall back asleep with me. Maybe I'm projecting my feelings related to the impending abandonment and making him clingy?

Anyway, to deal with my stress I've been running, naturally. I have even been contemplating training for something. That will be for a future post. Here are last week's numbers. Definite progress!

M: 5 on the treadmill with rolling incline adjustments (9:28 because first half involved singing and dancing)

T: 5 on the treadmill with rolling incline adjustments (9:15 pace--same deal with first half but felt better second half, I guess).

W: off

Th: 6 on the treadmill with rolling incline adjustments (9:03 pace--same singing and dancing for the first half. I ran 9:31 pace for the first three miles and really picked it up for the second! 8:50-30 pace felt pretty easy even with the inclines. Good sign!)

F: 8 outside while m-i-l watched peanut. Ran from my house to the park and back. Sunny and mid-30's. Felt great! (8:52 pace--first 4 were in 36:40, but there is a lot more up on the way out and down on the way back).

Sa: 8 outside while mrp watched peanut. High 40's and sunny! Ran from home (in shorts!) the opposite direction through the big hills! I am felt very strong on the hills and didn't feel like I slowed down too much. Never been a strength runner so this is good for me! (8:53 pace).

Su: 10 outside while mrp watched peanut. Back into the 30's and the sun mostly hid, but did come out a couple of times which was much appreciated! (8:54 pace. I thought I was going much slower--especially for the first 6 which has TONS of uphills, so I was pleasantly surprised although my legs definitely felt the week of hills!)

Total: 42
Weight: Still clinging to 145.


Mindi said...

Good luck this week!!

Very nice running - I can't believe you are already up to 40 mpw! Way to go. As for sleeping - do you swaddle peanut? That always worked well for me (for a few months anyway).

The Salty One said...

Thanks, Mindi :)

No swadling. He HATES to be swaddled. He likes to be able to wiggle around all over the bassinet. I put him in one way and half an hour later he's turned himself 90 degrees!

jsmarslender said...

Good running. I usually try to get both Saturday and Sunday runs in while my husband watches our daughter too. Your weather sounds refreshing. I love hints of Spring.

Good luck starting back. It is a juggle and I hope all goes well for you.

About sleep: I usually feed Claire right before bed and then lay her on her stomach - I do this sometimes for naps too - and she settles in quickly. After twenty or thirty minutes, I flip her to her back and she stays asleep. I think sleeping on the back with a full tummy can get uncomfortable for the baby. My friend suggested I try this and it helps Claire settle for the night. You might give it a try and see if peanut likes it.

Clare said...

i'll be doing the dreaded return in 3 weeks. we will survive! maybe andra sleeps through the night because she doesn't nap consistently (or that much) during the day?

Chelle said...

Good luck Thursday! Just keep reminding yourself that it really is more traumatic for you than for him. I mean, what does he know? Every day at this point must still feel like a shockingly novel situation to deal with.

I'd say I'm jealous of your 40 per week right now, but I have no idea how you're going to keep that up once work starts. I'll be thinking of you!

DC Running Mama said...

I feel the same dread! They really aren't as traumatized as we are...that being said...I miss my Nate's little face when he naps for a long time. Thanks for the thoughtful responses re: CIO on my blog (and everything else).