Monday, February 02, 2009

Vitamin D

I'm watching the Bachelor. I have a secret love for schlock. I love how all these women are so stereo-typical. What is notable about this is that my program has been uninterrupted by a crying baby. Peanut has been sleeping since 7:45 or so. That's great compared to the last few days. He must be going through a growth spurt because he has been eating constantly and he nurses for 1/2 an hour on each side and then proceeds to wake up every 15 minutes after that for two hours to snack. Today was a lot more normal. He didn't eat as much and he went down to bed much easier. He ate for 1/2 an hour on just one side then woke up and ate on the other for just a couple of minutes. Then he woke up 15 minutes later and just needed to be soothed and has been asleep ever since. Yeah!

Today I took the nut out for a little walk. Yesterday and today were very mild for this time of year (~40 degrees) and sunny so I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to get outside today. He wasn't so keen on the trip--he made his I'm-not-sure-what-I-think-of-this-but-I-think-I-might-hate-it-and-start-crying-any-second-now-face until he finally started to cry. I made sure he got a little vitamin D and some fresh air and then I let him off the hook and took him back home to cuddle.

Yesterday, though, I got out on my own--well with GP, but no peanut. We did another great 10 miler on a beautiful sunny morning. We kept the pace nice and easy and I felt great the whole time, even better than last week. Last week I slowed down my running on the treadmill and by the time Friday came around and I could get outside I felt very fresh and my outdoor miles were faster yet felt easier than the prior weeks. Here are the numbers:

M: 4 on the mill 9:30's
T: 6 on the mill 9:30's
W: 4 on the mill 9:30's
Th: off
F: 8 hilly miles outside while m-i-l watched peanut (9:01)
Sa: another 8 hilly miles outside while mrp hung out with peanut (9:09)
Su: 10 hilly miles with GP (9:18)

Total: 40 miles!

In other news I'm down to 145 lbs. That means 18 more to go to my goal and 13 to pre-pregnancy weight. I still can't fit into anything though! UGH. My middle is all mushy and muffin-tops over everything. I never really had that problem. It stinks. But, but! I am hopeful that I will get back in shape. Before I had peanut I told everyone I wasn't going to weigh myself until my birthday. 3 days after my birthday peanut will be 6 months old. If I just relax, I should be pretty close to normal by then. I hope!


DC Running Mama said...

I love this description: "I'm-not-sure-what-I-think-of-this-but-I-think-I-might-hate-it-and-start-crying-any-second-now-face" !!!

I think my Nate has that face, too!

Nitsirk said...

Someone told me to remember that it takes 9 months for your body to get this way so we should allow 9 months to get it back. Probably good advice but I am already wondering how long it will take.

Mnowac said...

You are doing great! I love that pic of Nate all bundled up. Too precious.