Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Today I am not running. Normally I am happy to have a day off. Today I am hungry to run!  But no run. I will satisfy my hunger by eating Mexican food during my lunch date. I am meeting one of the women I met during our Bradley classes.  She was due the day before I was with a boy and she was about as big around as I was so I always identified with her most.  She also works downtown, so it will be nice to catch up, talk about all things baby and discuss the challenges of going back to work.  I sure hope it's been easier for her!

Speaking of being back at work. You know something? I hate staples. Seriously. Staples: nothing but trouble.  Maybe I just don't know how to use a stapler but it seems like every time I do it takes me at least 5 times, several broken nails and a whole lot of exasperation to not get some cattywampussed (tm mrp's dad) mangled barb of metal in the corner of my small stack of paper. Hmmph!

Ok, after our brief interlude there... So, I am still struggling being back at work.  Peanut is still struggling with me being back to work.  Mrp, on the other hand, is kind of loving it because by being forced to shift up his schedule so he can pick up peanut from the sitter's house he has completely avoided all traffic and has started to get into work at 6:45! He's able to get tons done before all his comrades get into the office to distract him and he's home with peanut before 4:30! Nice! That was what I was hoping to do, but my job wouldn't let me. Yeah. Lame.  So instead, I drop peanut off and navigate through the 8:30 downtown traffic and then bolt from my office right at 5:00, weave in and out down the highway and pray there are no accidents so I can get home in time to spend a few minutes with peanut while he's still awake and at the very least be there at 6:15 to put him to bed. I don't think he'd go to bed if I wasn't there! I'm sure the day will come when we'll have to test this hypothesis. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!

But yeah, this is my second week of full-time and peanut is doing no better. He is overtired all week and the bulk of his time with me is spent while we sleep.  We have taken to almost 100% co-sleeping. Peanut, is having a really hard time sleeping alone.  He is so tired that he does go to sleep for a while by himself when I first put him down, but after 45-90 minutes he wakes up and we have a hard time putting him back down.  It takes a while but we've been able to do it these past few nights, just so I don't have to go to bed at 9:00! Around 10:00 or so I crawl into bed and usually have about 15 minutes before he wakes up to come into bed with me.  His momdar seems to get better all the time! Once he's in bed with me, I'll notice him pat around to make sure I'm still there. And once he finds me he strokes me or grabs my shirt in his tiny hand like security blankie.  It is really the most precious thing.

Co-sleeping is theoretically not my first preference for our family sleep arrangement.  I have to say in this situation it is working really well for all of us.  All three of us get a pretty good night's sleep these days.  Plus, I need it right now just as much as peanut does. 1) because I would be even worse off if I didn't get a good night's sleep and 2) because it it's multi-tasking in the best of ways: cuddle time + sleep time! In a perfect world I think I would want to transition peanut to his crib in his own room around 4 months both for his personal growth and so mrp and I could have our room back, but while I'm working full-time there is no way that is going to happen.  Basically, at this point he is so in need of sleep that we can't be picky about where he gets it.  Sleep has always been the hardest thing with him and any progress we were making with him before I went back to work has been totally thwarted. I guess, except that once I go to bed with him I never ever have to get up any more.  I have definitely noticed there have been at least several nights where he sleeps at least 6 hour stretches! He still wakes up every night at some point(s) to eat, but now when he wakes up his midnight snack is right there ready to eat!  At least, right now, I am relatively well rested! And well cuddled!  

Oh, and yesterday I did my first workout in about a year! I ran 7.25 with a 2 mile tempo averaging about 7:10 pace.  I thought 7:20's would be about right, but after .5 at 7:19 it felt too easy, so I wratcheted that up to 7:12 and then the third .5 was at 7:06 and then the last was at 6:57.  This was all on the treadmill and it was only 2 miles so not really sure how it translates in terms of race fitness.  But, I am pleased with it. It's also pretty awesome that my legs feel great today! Better than they have in weeks! Thank goodness for running. Really, I don't know how I'd be coping with everything else going on without it!

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Mindi said...

Yes, staples ARE evil.

Good luck with all of these changes!