Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Around

Another thing that bugs me about work, is that it has draconian internet filters that do not allow me to comment on other blogs (or post on my blog, but hey I got around that didn't I. Sneaky me!) I can pull them up to see them, but I cannot comment. It's very irritating! Ok yeah, it's not exactly productive to comment on blogs during work hours, but it takes all of 30 seconds and now I've spent longer than that posting up to this point complaining about it! Anyway, one of my bloggy friends dcrunningmama (, naturally) has a son who is just 2.5 weeks older than peanut and her son Nathan is showing a lack of interest in eating these days.  I wanted to comment on her blog and share my experiences with peanut, but NOOOOOOO, can't do that. So instead, you all get to read about my experiences with peanut and his disinterest in eating lately.

I've noticed that when peanut is eating while he's wide awake--during the day time or when he first latches on at night--he gets very easily distracted.  He'll look at me and if I'm looking at him he'll smile and start talking with his mouth full! If I'm watching tv or reading he'll unlatch and turn his head to see what I'm looking at and I have the hardest time getting him to focus on eating and I end up giving up.  I read a tip that at 4 months babies really start becoming aware of their environment and super curious and have a difficult time focusing on things like eating.  This also leads to what is known as 4 month wakefulness because the babies are so curious and excited about all the cool stuff they're seeing that they don't eat during the day and then end up waking up a lot at night to make up for lost time! The books and websites ( is my favorite) recommend trying to feed while the baby is half asleep.  If I lay down with peanut for a nap he eats much better.  Or if I feed him immediately after a nap while he's still groggy, it's better. I am not super vigilant because we're co-sleeping so it's really no big deal to me if he wants to eat all night, but it does help if I need him to have a full tummy for whatever reason. But man, I can't help but laugh when I am dragged into bed at night at 9:15 and I think I'm outsmarting peanut so he thinks I'm sleeping but I'm actually laying there reading. Instead of eating I find him staring at the magazine like it's the most interesting thing he's ever seen! I'll think he fell asleep, only to see him whip is head around when I turn the page! Maybe he'll be an early reader too?  

Peanut also seems to be getting in his bottom two teeth already! The gums are pretty swollen and I can feel two very distinct bumps on his bottom gums.  He is also very very drooly and constantly sucking on his hands.  Oh, and he blew out three outfits yesterday! Apparently that's a sign of teething. Who would have thought? So, the teething might also contribute to the 4 month wakefulness.  And finally, the authorities say that when baby is learning a new trick he might be more distracted from eating and harder to get and keep asleep.  He is so excited and wants to show off his new skills. How cute is that. Speaking of which, peanut "crawled" 2 feet yesterday! He rolled over from back to front. Pushed his upper body and head up like a seal, scooted his legs like a crawl, and then grabbed the blanket and pulled himself across it! He is such a physical kid! He's always been so strong and very advanced physically. It's kind of freaky, but I'll chalk that up to running while pregnant!

Speaking of running, this Sunday is my first race post-partum and my first real race in over a year! I'm running a dinky little 5k close to my house. I'm not sure what to expect at all, but I'm super excited to get out there and race!


jsmarslender said...

Wow! Your little one is mobile! I see Claire reaching, reaching but not yet moving much beyond rolling all over. And Claire does the same when she eats - twisting around, checking out my book.

Good luck this weekend! Enjoy the feel of racing again.

DC Running Mama said...

Ha! Too funny! Your Nate sounds EXACTLY like my Nate! Too bad I have been so focused on using my on-line time to research sofas than to figure out this nursing strike! On my own, I figured out that he eats more when sleepy. He was eating every 1.5 hr/2hr this past evening. I'm going to take him in to the dr. Friday to weigh him and make sure he was continuing to pack on the lbs. Thanks for sharing your experience albeit not in a comment!