Monday, March 09, 2009

Green Gunk

* So, peanut is oozing green gunk out of his little nose. Poor little buddy. Mrp is at home with him today to make sure he gets his naps in and to take him to the pediatrician to get checked out. It is a lot nicer being at work with mrp at home with the nut, although it's still very hard to be away from him especially when he isn't feeling well. It's his first illness of any kind and it stinks. Incidentally, I came down with the cold this morning. I was feeling ok but just got back from 7.25 miles on the gym treadmill and feel YUCK all of a sudden. Great.

Add to that that I completely missed my fun run with DD today because I got stuck in a meeting, my ipod crapped out on me, the only thing on the gym tvs were Gunsmoke and Card Shark and I am wearing a cashmere sweater, corduroy pants and knee high leather boots and am accordingly sweating my @ss off in my office because I had to rush back up here lest I feel bad for taking too long of a lunch. Not the best day here!

But last week was pretty decent running wise. I got two workouts in plus a decent long run. That run with mrp turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. Not only did I have a great run, but we had a great conversation. Plus, it was just great to hang out with mrp all by ourselves. Like old times! We are formulating our plan and as soon as I can reveal it, I will. In the meantime, I so appreciate everyone's kind words of support and advice!

Last week by the numbers:

Mon: 6.75 very easy with E, DD and JC (mid to high 9's)

Tue: 7.25 including 2 miles at tempo on the treadmill (averaged 7:10 pace, which felt pretty doable and like I could have kept going--will be interesting to see how I do with 3 miles outside!)

Wed: off

Thu: 7.25 with mrp outside (8:04 pace and it actually felt good!)

Fri: 9 including fartlek of 4 x 1:00, 1:00, 2:00 @ 10k effort with half rest + 4 x :20 HARD (averaged 8:16 for the 9 so went well! The workout felt perfect for where I am right now)

Sa: 7.5 on the bikepath at the park while my buddy MN walked with peanut in the stroller (8:05--I should not make this a habit, but I wanted to cram in as much in my hour as I could. As they say, just because you can doesn't mean you should!)

Su: 13.25 from home to the park, around the park and back all with GP. (Averaged 8:57 or so. I totally miscalculated how far we went at the park. We ended up going a mile more than planned because I can't do math apparently!)

Total: 51miles!

Weight: 140 (getting closer!)

*A few days ago when we were both healthy.

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