Friday, March 27, 2009

The March Lion

We have had a pretty wonderful March around here, as far as the weather goes.  Why must the March lion come roaring into town the weekend of my first race post-peanut?  Oh well. I am planning 5 races this spring, so one of them has to have good weather! I guess this will allow me to practice rolling with the punches and relaxing in a race.

In other news, my little peanut might just be getting better about going to sleep.  He took two 1 hour+ naps at the sitter's house yesterday and for the last two nights went to sleep for 1 hour+ after only nursing for 45ish minutes. This is much better than the 90 minutes of nursing and 1/2 hour of alone sleep!  Also, of note I saw him pull himself all across his play mat this morning.  He rolled over from back to belly, grabbed onto the play mat "floor" and pulled himself clear across it. He then made a right hand turn, ended up on the carpet and proceeded to cry. It was a riot! He wants to travel on his own so badly! He is such a determined little fellow! Mrp and I better get on that babyproofing, stat!

Finally, on Monday I am planning to talk to the powers that be at work in attempt to work out an arrangement that is more conducive to my family.  The current situation is just not working.  We're all miserable.  Sure, some of that is growing pains and would get better over time when we all adjust, but the adjustments aren't ones we'd like to make.  I am really nervous about getting this ball rolling. I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders--like my family's happiness is at stake. In so many ways staying the current course is so much easier than switching things up.  But, we only have one life to live and mrp and I are resolved to make it the best one we can for us and for peanut. I will fill you in on all the details soon: what the plan is, how the talk goes, what the future holds, etc.  But for now, I just need your support!


Katie said...

Good luck! Fingers crossed that you are able to make some changes that will help your family!

Mnowac said...

Good luck on Monday. I cannot wait to hear how it goes. I'll be thinking about you all day.

Vince A. said...

You may be surpised with a great outcome just by asking. Good luck.