Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have mastitis. Stupid me kept trying to ignore the horrible cold I had and kept pushing through it. Then I didn't pump all weekend, Monday or Wednesday and by Wednesday night I had a horrible fever and the most painful boob ever. Thank goodness I was hanging out with my aunt who is a doctor all day.  She looked at it and we figured it was a blocked duct.  But about an hour later I was at home and freezing wearing fleece pants, socks, a long-sleeve shirt and wrapped in my down comforter cuddling peanut. I just went downhill from there.  I called my aunt and she mercifully called in a prescription for antibiotics.  I started them last night and am feeling much better although still bad. I'm most likely taking tomorrow off from work to rest some more. I think I've learned my lesson! I thought if I took one day off of running that would be enough rest to help my body get over the cold, and I guess when you add in breastfeeding and a lot of stress it's just not enough.  So, all you breastfeeding running mamas take heed and take care!


jsmarslender said...

I hope you feel better soon! Rest well.

DC Running Mama said...

I had mastitis and it was no fun! I hope you feel better. I have learned to be extra vigilant about clogged ducts and luckily haven't gotten it again.