Friday, March 13, 2009

Waking Up

Back in February of 2007 I headed to New Orleans to visit my sister (who was living there at the time) and to run the Mardi Gras half-marathon.  Back home it was a horrid winter--every weekend was super windy and ungodly snowy.  I couldn't wait to head down and see my sister and experience some almost-tropical air. I also was really excited to race, because I was all hopped up on hope for a sub 1:30 breakthrough.  Of course a few days before the trip I woke up with a cold.  And of course the morning I was to  board the plane I woke up and it was all in my head. And of course by the morning of the race I woke up and it had migrated to my chest and I sounded (and probably looked) like I had a full-blown case of tuberculosis.  I wandered from my historic Frenchy hotel  (I felt so bad I stayed in a hotel and not at my sister's place!) at 5 a.m. and stumbled and croaked in the dark through the French Quarter to Cafe Du Monde which was the only place open at the time on a Sunday morning for a cup of coffee.  I took some tylenol and made sure to pack some with me along with my gu.  

I soldiered on and took my place at the starting line trying not to scare anyone with my rasp.  I shot off from the Superdome after the gun.  After a surprising first half of the race run on pace and neck and neck with the woman who eventually took second place, I hit a wall and suddenly my pace just fell off.  I took a gu and it got all tangled up in my snot and ended up plastered all over my face and on my hands. To this day I cannot stand lemon-lime gu. At 11 miles some guy passed me and I decided to at least try to finish hard and I pushed it in after him getting almost back on pace. In the end, I ran a full 2 minutes slower than my goal, but still somehow got third place (ok, New Orleans isn't known for it's distance running!).  Overall, not bad considering I felt like I was on my death bed.  Of course at the time it felt like a huge dissappointment.  

As soon as I crossed the finish line I hacked up a lung.  I couldn't wait to head back to my hotel for a nap.  Later that night my sister had a crawfish boil at her house and the hot hot brussel sprouts really helped drain all the nasty gunk out of my upper respiratory system. And two days later, I ran 12 miles winding through City Park and along the bayou in the sunshine and actually felt a little better.  Maybe it was the novelty of the pelicans, the alley cats, and the slow moving New Orleanians that made me feel that way. This was the last time I was in New Orleans.  I might be the only person who associates New Orleans with a bronchial cough. I wrote about this back then.  It's in the archives somewhere.  The picture I put in this post is there too.  

Now it's March 2009 and I have been fighting a bit of a cold all week. I'd blame it on peanut, but mrp was actually the first one sick in the house.  Finally, this morning I woke up and it had migrated down to my chest.   I have some tightness and a bit of a cough, but nothing like the great plague I experienced a couple of years ago.  Yet, ignoring the fartlek on my schedule that I have been anxiously awaiting all week, I left my gym bag at home.  I thought about it and if there is something I would yell at peanut for doing, I'm not allowed to do it anymore.  Plus, after 5 long days away from my scrumptious little one I need to rest up for our two day extravaganza of togetherness (bka the weekend). So, hopefully I will wake up feeling less possessed by mucous demons and more ready for my fartlek tomorrow!

And of course, any disappointment I experienced as I laid in bed contemplating the consequences of the virtual gravel in my chest was wiped out when I turned on the light in the bedroom.  Peanut awoke and opened his eyes and when he saw me smiling at him and heard me singing our good morning song he smiled so big, so gummy, so adoreably, that his cheeks were squished up so high that his eyes reshut! And then we both laughed and gooed at each other and cuddled in the big bed not caring that mommy would be late for work.


Mnowac said...

Okay that story totally grossed me out, haha. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, I hope you are on the mend soon. I am glad to hear you are taking a rest day and that's a wonderful way to approach it about not doing something you wouldn't let Peanut do.

I can just picture that big old smile! He is such a cutie. See you guys this weekend.

DC Running Mama said...

Isn't waking up with your little man the sweetest thing? I love it. I've been getting him in bed with me @ 4 am and we sleep until...way later than you want to know.

I hope you feel better soon and thanks for the advice. I actually took your advice and probed hubby more to understand his reservations. I think the juggle of hats--wife, mother, runner, worker will be hard to do and that I will always feel like I am failing at something!