Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome BOB

I'm still sick. I'm definitely getting better now, but the SARS or whatever it is is still clingling to my sinuses and my lungs.  I felt so bad yesterday when I woke up that I called off from work and went back to bed with peanut.  He seemed very appreciative of the extra sleep! After his early nap (which was a whopping 3 hours!) I was feeling better and it was gorgeous out so I packed peanut up and took him to the park with our new best buddy BOB. That's BOB, as in BOB the jogging stroller. It was the first time I took peanut out in it all by myself!  On Saturday, mrp and I took peanut to the park and did a few miles while Mike pushed.  I was still pretty sick so I wasn't up for much that day.  I swear the only reason I went out with them was because we had no food in the house and we went out for an early dinner after the run!

Anyway, I skimmed the owner's manual and made sure I knew how to collapse and uncollapse BOB and how to run safely with it and off we went. I didn't have high expectations. It looks really big and cumbersome.  However, I managed to get it in and out of the trunk with no problems. And then I was amazed at how easy it was to push.  After about 1.5 miles I felt like I had a rhythm going with it and I was able to use one hand most of the time and on the very flat straight parts of the path I could push and use no hands a bit.  I expected it to really hamper my pace and possibly to kill me after just a few miles, but I managed to average 8:45 pace and I ran for 8 miles no problem.  It was actually pretty fun.  And peanut seemed to like it. He napped for the first 45 minutes and then chilled for the last 20 or so.  He started to make some fussy noises with about 2 minutes to go, but hung in there until we got back to the car.  I am very pleased with our success and super relieved that peanut didn't hate it. How much would that suck?!  The only thing though, is that I couldn't help but wonder if maybe I should have bought the BOB SUS rather than the Ironman so I could use it on the trails.  Anyone have an opinion on that?

But with this bug I have, I had a fairly lighter week than I had hoped.  I only got one harder run in. I did manage a longish run on Sunday. I ran from home to the park and did a little over an hour on the muddy trails before heading back home. I ran 12 total and felt pretty good.  I kept the pace super easy and enjoyed the absolutely stunning spring morning.  The sun was out. It was about 45 degrees. Everyone at the park was in a good mood and friendly.  Ahhh. It was just one of those really nice runs.

Anyway, here are last week's numbers.

Mon: 7.25 on the treadmill at work (8:22)

Tue: 7.25 including 3 mile tempo on the track (I wanted to average 7:10's for the tempo and after a 7:17 first mile managed to cros the finish in 21:30 on the nose! It was super rainy and windy and cold and I only had shorts. My legs were popsicles by the time I was done.  And DD proved to be a true friend by trecking out with me in that nast!)  

Wed: Scheduled off but ran 5.5 very easy with E (thought I was going to have a 7 day running week. I was wrong!)

Thu: 6 very easy, like well over 9:00 pace and I felt like I had to work for it.  Not good! At least I had great company (CV, E, DD, JC)

Fri: No run.  I was scheduled for my fartlek but just couldn't do it. The cold was deeply entrenched in my chest so went out to lunch with mrp instead.

Sa: 5.5 with mrp, peanut and BOB at the park (8:30's)

Su: 12 (4.5 on the roads and 7.5 on the trails) (8:50 pace).

Total: 43.5 (about 5-7 off from where I expected to be--not bad all things considered!)

Weight: 139


Clare said...

are you using the car seat in the bob? i'm hoping andra will be ok in the regular seat around 4 months but i know they sat wait til 6...just curious what everyone else is doing. nice job on 8 with it!

DC Running Mama said...

Pretty awesome times for running with the BOB. I found that it slowed me down significantly. I havent' run with it in the past few weeks b/c my SIL has been watching Nathan while I run, so we'll have to see.

marathon mommy said...

I have the same stroller in both single and double versions and LOVE it.

If you haven't already purchased the weather shield, I recommend it. It helps extend the running with baby season.

As for off-road, I think that would be hard no matter which stroller you have. I've taken my BOB on paved but bumpy roads and it was a lot harder than smooth paved roads.

I think off-road would be pretty tough. The Ironman is fine on the Towpath but any other non-paved trails would be probably more work than its worth IMO.