Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy Toofday!

Yesterday was gorgeous here in the land of Cleve, so the downtown girls (E, DD and CV) and I put on our short running shorts and skimpy singlets and headed over to the track at the all boys Catholic school down the street.  Usually on really nice days the gym classes are outside and obnoxiously obstructing lanes and just generally being in the way.  But for whatever reason, the boys were really nice yesterday.  Once, as I was passing through, I overheard one teenaged boy say to another, "be careful! There's a runner coming!" How thoughtful!  

Anyway, E and DD were just along to keep me and CV company while we did a track workout and tempo run respectively.  I had planned to do 6 x 800 around 10k pace with 1:00 jogged recovery plus 4 x 200.  I ended up just doing 5 x 800 and 3 x 200 and that was plenty for now! Maybe it was the heat, but I really think I am just not ready for 6 quite yet. But 5 felt perfect so I went with it.  I thought I'd shoot for 3:22. That sounded about right, but the first one came and went in 3:16. Then the next one was 3:17. And then 3:18. And then 3:21 (this is when I realized 6 was too many--there felt like a huge gust of wind on the first 200 and I felt like I was standing still. I couldn't quite recover from it and this rep ended up slow yet it taxed me more than it should have). And finally 3:18 (I made a little deal with myself--under 3:20 and you're done! So, I went under 3:20--heh). I ran 200's in between each rep and they were all under 1:10 so I was happy with that.

After the 800's, I felt pretty whooped, but I wanted to get in at least a couple of 200's.  After my last 800 I walked for a few seconds and then jogged 200. Then I hopped right to it.  I started off pretty good and chugged around the corner feeling all right, but when I came to the straight-away the finish seemed so far away! It's kind of scary when a 200 feels really long! But somehow I managed to run 39, 40 and 39 for each (wind aided!) It felt so ungodly fast to me. I had to walk a little after each one to get a hold of myself. Someday I'll be in shape again, right?!

In other more exciting news, peanut cut his first tooth today! The sitter called me this afternoon to tell me the news. Apparently, the tooth popped out and he promptly took a 2 hour nap.  Cutting teeth is hard work, y'all!

Also, mad props to Meghan ( for coming in second woman at this years Marathon des Sables in Morrocco. It's a 4 day trek across the desert. All I can say is my girl's amazing!! Yeah Meghan!!!!!  All the weird looks she got wearing her giant backpack on the gym treadmill were well worth it!

Finally, marathon mommy ( is kicking cancer's ass.  She is one tough cookie and incredibly inspiring. She is in my thoughts all the time.  When I almost chickened out about talking to my boss, I thought of her and sucked it up and got it done.  So, thanks!

Well, it's 4:00 on a Friday and I want to work part-time (no verdict on that yet...) so I better get as much done as I can here to make it seem like I'm productive. Have a great weekend everybody!!!


marathon mommy said...

LOL - You make me blush!

Awesome workout btw. Speed was the last thing to come for me post-baby and it looks like you've got it back already!

DC Running Mama said...

A toof already!!