Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Turn for the Sunnier

I am feeling much better. No, that's not because work has given me an answer--way to take initiative, guys. Instead, the weather has taken a turn for the sunnier, peanut continues to get cuter by the day, I was invited to a marathon I've been looking very forward to running for a long time, and well, I got a handle on my thoughts and feelings.  It also helped that I took a half day at work yesterday and had some me time. Yes, that involved running, but it didn't involve a rush and it did involve running at my favorite track.   I haven't been there in about a year and a half, so it was such a treat!  And to add compliments to healthy legs, my workout was 9 million times better this week than last week.  Not faster, but much better!

As you may recall, last week I hit the track and my 800's got progressively slower and harder to the point I felt like I couldn't finish the workout as planned.  This time I made it my goal to hit the appropriate pace targets and work on control.   It was really windy again, but the sun was out and the temperature was a perfect 48 degrees. I ran my warm-up up the hill from the track and around the soccer field and then around the school a bit. Then I hit the track. In my mind, I wanted to run 6 x 800 at CV pace (~10k pace) with 200 jogged recoveries.  My goal this time was to hit the first three at 3:22 (what I think is about the right CV pace for my current fitness), then if I felt good pick up the pace just a smidge for the rest and hopefully get through all 6 rather than quitting after 5 like last time.  The first one came and went exactly at 3:22. Then the second one came and went exactly at 3:22. And then the third came and went at exactly at 3:22.  And it felt like I was working, but still felt pretty easy.  So, for the fourth I picked it up a little bit and finished in 3:18.  Then the fifth came and went guessed it--3:18! For the last one I allowed myself to push the second lap just a little harder and for that one I finished easily in 3:15.  Afterwards, I did not feel toasted as I had the previous week.  I was able to get in all 4 of my 200's too. These were very much hampered by the wind, but my effort was there.  I'll take it! So, not the fasted workout at all, but one of my best for exercising patience, focus and control.  That part of my running is back! Now to find that speed....

Of course, I am very irritated that work has not gotten back to me with their answer.  First they promised me a couple of days.  Then when a full week went by I approached them about it and they said, "shooting for this week." However, the fact that they haven't made their decision yet has allowed me to get over my initial shock that they'd even consider my request and to really think about what I want and what would be the best outcome. Working here part-time is not necessarily the best thing. If they offer it to me, I think I'd be a fool not to at least try it, but the more I think about it the more I am looking forward to getting out of here and moving on. There is definitely a point at which I will no longer wait for them.  Maybe Monday? This week is over today since tomorrow is a company holiday, so after 2 deadlines have come and gone, I might just have to go too!

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