Monday, April 06, 2009

Winter Again

Just as I was ramping up the training and getting psyched about the late spring racing season, the snow and wind and nasty weather returns.   Around these parts the wind in the spring is the worst thing to deal with. I HATE it.  It's not so bad if I'm just doing an easy run or even a long run, but for track workouts and tempos it's downright torture to deal with 35 mph winds! Add in the sleet and snow and gray skies and ugh--the treadmill is sounding awfully nice! Sure, sure we ALWAYS have one last April snow storm and yeah, we haven't had snow since mid-February.  So really, I've been very spoiled by the weather this winter and early spring. But if I may complain just a bit more, it stinks things are getting back to normal this week. I am taking a 1/2 day on Wednesday and I'm off on Friday so I thought I'd be able to get some good miles in those days. I was so excited to head out to my favorite track! Instead I will probably do my 800's on the mill tomorrow and a tempo at lunch on Thursday, unless Friday's weather forecast improves between now and then. Wa.

Last week, however, was a very good week for me.  I felt great after the 5k, but listened to mrp and put off doing any hard running until Thursday when I hit the track for the 800's. Over the weekend I had a really nice 14 miler--my longest run in over a year!  The weather said it was 37 degrees, but it was really sunny so I figured I'd be ok in shorts. On my way from home to the park I thought I was going to die! That stupid spring wind gave me popsicle legs! I thought I was going so slow, but what usually takes me 14 minutes only took a little over 13. Nice! Once I got to the park I hit the trails so the woods insulated me quite a bit from the wind. My feet got soaked from all the standing water and muddy spots, but it felt so good to hit my favorite trails rather than stick to the boring old bridal path the whole time. I ran out for a few seconds shy of an hour before turning around and retracing my steps.  With a little over 2 miles to go I decided to pick up the pace.  I slowly started dialing it down and for the first half-mile of this push I ran 7:36 according to the bike path mile marker. I picked it up even more from there until I reached 11 minutes and a giant downhill that takes me back home. I didn't want to push it too hard and I also didn't want to go careening down the hill so I just ran easy the last half mile or so. But it was like old times and I enjoyed it and felt like a real runner again.  And then yesterday I hit the roads by my house for 8.25 with no watch. I love doing that. I don't even think I ran particularly slow, but it afforded me the opportunity to focus on my feelings, my thoughts and my surroundings.  The coolest thing was I spotted a huge and beautiful coyote.  He (or she) ran right across the road in front of me.  He was so close, I was a little worried he might decide to chase me! He did keep looking over his shoulder at me, but luckily I think that was more because he was as wary of me as I was of him and less because he was considering me for Sunday brunch!

Here are the week's numbers (plus the previous week's since I never got around to logging here):

Two weeks ago

Mon: 7.5 outside downtown with DD (8:20)

Tue: 7.4 with 4 x 1:00, 1:00, 2:00 fartlek with half rest plus 4 x :20 hard!  Ran with E. Very tough. We were still both sick with that stupid cold so we sounded really lovely sniffling and snorting the whole way. I ran way too hard as evidenced by my 5k later in the week! (all reps between 6:00 and 6:30 pace--closer to 6:00 for most though!)

Wed: 7 on the mill at work (8:33)

Thu: 6 very easy with JC at lunch. Very nice chat and the easy pace made my legs happy! (9:30's?)

Fri: 7 with the ladies at lunch downtown. Many whistles at our scantily clad girl posse! (8:40's)

Sat: About 6.5 on nice hilly single track trails by mrp's parents with 5 30 second strides thrown in.

Sun: 8.25 including the 20:38 5k. Warm-up was 2ish and I reran the course for the cooldown.

Total: 49.65 (I'm usually too ocd to let that .65 happen!)
Weight: 135

Last Week

Mon: 6 on the mill.  Felt really good and had to hold myself back! What's up with that? (8:37)

Tue: 7.5 with the downtown girl posse plus co-worker ML of all people! We made JC do a progressive tempo and ML run up the long hill up W3rd. Fun times! (8:40 average, but we were all over the place having fun).

Wed: Off

Thu: 7.25 track workout

Fri: 7 on the mill. Boring. (8:41)

Sat: 14 miles described above (8:19)

Sun: 8.25 no watch!

Total: 50 (This time I made sure I has a nice round number!)
Weight: 134 (so close!)

Still no verdict from work. I'm going to wait one more day before bursting into my boss's office and demanding an answer...or rather, politely asking if he's had a chance to think about it yet. That's probably the better approach, eh?

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Mnowac said...

oooh I know this weather is just infuriating. Damn girl you get a lot of miles in! Great job on all those runs.

Has it been a week since you talked to your boss? I would give it a week and then ask him if he's had time to think about it or if he has any followup questions or maybe if you could provide him any more information on how you see it working out....