Sunday, May 17, 2009

In the Money but Still Feeling Out of Shape

What a day. 18 miles later and I am pooped! My poor tired body is not used to that much running, with much of it hard. I ran a 10k this morning. Not my best and I am a little disappointed with myself for not pushing harder especially at the end. I ran a 40:4x. The last .25 was up hill and I just shuffled along when I should have pushed harder. I felt pretty log-legged. Maybe it was the mileage creeping up on me. Maybe it was a bad day for me. Maybe I'm just not in as good shape as I think I am. Eh. Who knows. The good news is that I was the third Ohioan so I think I won $200! My first time EVER in the money! Of course that's just plain old luck that the usual ringers didn't show. But, who cares? I'll take it! I think my splits were 20:10 and 20:30 or something close to that. This spring's races are just a baseline from which to build my marathon training, so even 40:40 is my best 10k right now I better just shut up and be happy with it. Right?

In other news the beautiful Joe Positive rolled into town for the marathon. It was a pleasure to meet her and show her the local Starbucks. If times were different and my boob wasn't connected to a baby with a 7:00 bed time I would have loved to share a or several adult beverages with her. But, I'll have to settle for chatting at the expo and giving her a hug before the start. After my race I ran from the midpoint out to around mile 11.5 where I saw her. I turned back and ran with her for about 2 miles. It was super fun and she was chatting and very relaxed. On my way home I stopped off around mile 22 and picked her up again for about a mile and she seemed just as good as last time, only breathing a little harder and not talking so much. What was up with that, Joe? I kid! No one has any business talking at mile 22 of a marathon! The fact that she did at all shows how great she did!

I also ran with my buddy GP for a couple of miles around the half. I could tell she was very nervous about her first attempt at racing a marathon. I tried to keep her spirits up and hope for her 3:45 alive, but when I waited for her at mile 22 I waited and waited and waited and waited and saw her just as I told my other buddy E (who ran a 1:27 half just as I predicted to take second place in the half!) that I had to get home to peanut. She still ran about a 30 minute pr and she sure looked like she was having a lot more fun, so good for her! Yeah GP. Next time she's qualifying for Boston!

But back to my own running, I am feeling a little angsty. Maybe the right word is impatient. I feel so close to pr shape. I am hungry to get out there and log some fast races, but it's just not quite there. I am down below pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm still 3 lbs up from my low racing weight so maybe that's part of it. Maybe the 60 miles per week I'm up to is weighing my legs down before it improves my racing? I don't know. I suppose this is what was nice about having a coach--the objective feedback to make sense of all of this stuff. Maybe you, my dear readers, have some insight? What's reasonable to expect? Are pr's on my near horizon? Is it just a matter of consistency and patience?


Chelle said...

So hard to tell from just one race. Based on that 5K you pulled off recently, I'd guess you could get under 40 for the 10K, but that doesn't mean that you can't just have a little bit of an off day either.

My gut says that you're totally on track. If you're JUST getting to the 60 mpw level your body could still be adjusting, so give it a little time. I ran my 10K PR as the last six miles of a 100 mile-week, so I do think that once your body is used to the mileage, that shouldn't be the thing that holds you back.

joe positive said...

Like I said around (my) mile 10.5 today, I think you definitely have a faster 10k in you, and as you continue adjusting to higher mileage and intensity, it will all come back.

DC Running Mama said...

I am not experienced enough to be giving you any advice as to whether faster times lie in your future...but it took about 2-3 months of logging 50-60 mile weeks to get my times down (this is post-partum).

That's awesome about the $200! Justifies entry into several races:>

Miss Adventurous said...

What would you tell me? Be patient and keep working. The results will come.

And they have! On your advice, to be patient and keep working I'm now running under 10 min miles for the first time since high school! I'm 4 pounds above the least I've weighed as an adult. 4 pounds. I keep making faces about that four pounds, but then I tell myself that I'm a lot more muscled than I was then, between dancing and running (that's probably why I'm smaller than I was then too). I'm not sweating the 4 pounds because I know there are dozens of factors that could be contributing to them - same as you.

Not only that, but you're only six months out from having a baby! You're still breastfeeding! Three pounds? Really? You're worried about three pounds and PRs??

Relax. Breathe. Focus on your successes. Be a little patient with your body, and keep working and there will be a payoff!

Miss Adventurous said...

Hey, if you won $200 and you're not bringing in other income, does that technically make you a professional runner? I mean, I know it's a stretch, but it's a fun stretch...