Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sleeping and Eating

Yesterday was peanut's big day: sleep training began. Again, the goal for naps is to sleep in the crib--no more swing. The first nap went so well. Just a couple of whimpers and he was out. I think he saw me reading the Ferber book and cut to the chase! Unfortunately, that nap only lasted 45 minutes. He started rubbing his eyes about an hour and a half later. I fed him and then took him upstairs. I laid him down and immediately he began to wail. I gave him his little itty bitty blanky to eat and left with my running watch on my wrist.

After 3 minutes I went in and stroked him, gave him a kiss and told him he was doing great. Then I went down to the basement to change the kitty litter to take my mind off it for 5 minutes. I went back upstairs, but it seemed to make it worse this time. As soon as he heard me he raised the volume a few levels. I did the same thing I did the time before and made myself bolt. I called mrp and let him hear the wails over the phone. But the funniest thing happened. Just when I thought he was going to wail for an entire half hour with no nap to show for it, it all of a sudden became quiet. I was still crying on the phone with mrp, but peanut was asleep! It took 13 minutes, but we did it! For night time we are taking a different approach. We feel it is a huge leap from sleeping the night with me to sleeping all alone in his crib in his room. So, we look at it like we need to give him the tools to make that transition. The first tool is self-soothing. So, to that end we are using the Ferber method to teach him to fall asleep and stay asleep the beginning part of the night before I go to bed. So gone are the days of me rocking and nursing him to sleep for an hour or more. Instead when he's no longer eating I take him in and put him down and now it's up to him to do the rest. After he's mastered this skill then we will extend his night-time sleeping in the bassinet an hour at a time until he's going the whole night alone. Then after that we'll make the big transition to his room. It sounds good in theory. Hopefully it workouts out!

Last night he went right to sleep the first time I put him down. However, he woke up about 45 minutes later. I went in and picked him up and fed him and when he was no longer actually eating I took him back into the room and laid him in the bassinet. Oh boy. It took 22 minutes but he did go to sleep! It sucked, but with mrp there with me we got through it. He woke up again 45 minutes later and I did the same thing, only this time he was out after just 4 minutes! For his first nap today he was out before I even had to visit him once. He kind of whined/cried for about 2 minutes and then was out like a light. Hopefully he'll sleep more than 45 minutes at a time today!

Yesterday, I was so preoccupied with his sleep training that I forgot to adequately eat. So when my awesome aunts came over to babysit while I hit the track for my workout I had only had 2 granola bars and some coffee. It was 2:30! Surprisingly I was fine for the warm-up and my first three 1000 meter intervals. However, by the fourth I felt heavy and light headed and by the fifth I was totally shaky and felt like poop. Surprisingly I was only slow by 1 second, but it always feels really crappy to end slower than I started. Last week I went 4:02, 4:02, 4:02, 4:00, 3:58 for this workout and yesterday I went 3:58, 4:00, 4:00, 4:02, 4:03. Oh well. I am glad I rolled with it and got it done and didn't beat myself up about it. The cool down was rather unpleasant. The all uphill 2.5 miles was pretty torturous on my glycogen deprived legs. I made it, though. Phew!

So, the rest of the week is easy runs before Sunday's 10k! I really like the 10k distance. We'll see if I say the same thing on Monday. Also on tap, is a meet-up with Joe Positive!


Mimi said...

That Ferber method truly works and it can change your life! The baby will love getting more sleep too. It's so hard though! On my 4th child, I Ferbered him really early in life and he is the best sleeper in the house...into bed, goes fast asleep, wakes up 11 hours later. And he's been like that since about 9 months. We went hard core Ferber with him at 6 months. Very hard to stick with it, but in less than a week it works. Be ready to re-ferber though, after sickness or traveling because it can unravel on you when life gets messy. Congrats! Important and big step!!

Mnowac said...

good luck, be strong!