Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Want to Get Paid to:

1. Coach running.

2. Run a small farm with mrp.

3. Teach and/or write about constitutional law.

4. All of the above.


Kate said...

Do it! DO it! I'm sure you could even use the blog to start some low-key online coaching to get going.

Inca Princess said...

Good news for you then . . . the Countryside Initiative is going to accept proposals some time this year for another farm lease in the valley.

Write a quality proposal and put together a solid business plan and you could be living in a renovated historical farmhouse in the CVNP!

Mnowac said...

You could reach out to a bunch of area schools and see if any are in need of a track coach!!!

JenC said...

I'd pay you to be my running coach when I'm able to concentrate on running again. You = fast! Me = Putzing around! : )

Good luck reaching your goals!

solarsquirrel said...

Listen. I told myself when I got laid off that I wanted to work in the energy industry doing conservation work in a marketing position. It would not only be a completely different industry, but a completely different position! (I was a software engineer in the healthcare industry)
I got what I went after, and you can too! 95% of the battle is knowing what you want - now go out and GET IT!!!!!

DC Running Mama said...

Solarsquirrel is right...

My favorite fortune cookie message: "understanding is hard, but once one understands action is easy."

I'm interested in how/why you have picked these. Esp. running a farm.