Sunday, June 14, 2009


Peanut is going on 2 hours for a nap. The heck?! Normally he and sleep just don't go together unless he's all snuggled up in bed with mrp and me. Last night, for instance, he wailed and wailed about going down to sleep. Today--two blissfully long and refreshing naps. What's up with that?

This morning while I was on my long run, he slept 90 minutes and upon waking mrp put on his hat with the chin strap and took peanut down to the river for some site seeing. They saw tadpoles and peanut climbed a rock (with the assistance of daddy of course!) And as I huffed and puffed my way home after a fantastic 15 miles of hills hills hills I saw them waiting for me in the driveway. How great is that?

The 15 miler capped off a great first week of marathon training. I ran a 5k on Wednesday, did a great long slow tempo with E on Friday and had a lot of enjoyable easy runs in between. Oh, and I was only 5 seconds off my 5k pr (or 2-3 seconds if you go by the time I thought was on the clock when I finished, but I digress). I ran an 18:54! And it was on a hard course to boot. Yeah! It helped to run most of the race with my friend and often training buddy, E. But damn if I didn't go off and impress myself with that!

Anyway, I better go get something done to milk this nap. I could get used to this! Here's my first week of 'thon training by the numbers:

M: 8 no watch easy miles while MN watched the babes (love this set-up!)
T: 8 no watch with peanut and BOB
W: am 4 easy no watch with peanut and BOB; pm 7 including 5k race in 18:54!
R: 6 easy with Nate, Bob and Evie (love this set-up too!)
F: 10 averaging 7:18 pace including 8 mile tempo (7:21, 7:10, 7:00, 6:59, 6:58, 6:54, 6:44, 6:41)
Sa: 4 easy no watch
Su: 15 hilly miles (not really keeping tabs on pace, just running hard and pushing the pace as I go)

Total: 62 miles


DC Running Mama said...

Awesome training week! Re: the long naps...I find when our Nathan doesn't sleep well the night before he makes up for it with naps.

Mindi said...

Great week! I always found the more regular my babies napped during the day, the better they slept at night. Peanut just needs to get into a good routine - then you get the best of both worlds (sleeping all night and a nice long nap or 2).

Mnowac said...

Nice job on your first official training week!

We are on for WEd this week right?

DaisyDuc said...

Dang girl, you are already kicking butt and taking names! Huge congratulations on the flag day time!

Joann said...

Wow, your training is really coming along! Nice race!