Monday, July 06, 2009

One Big Biff

I'm eating lunch. A very nutritious pb&j wrap and a diet root beer. The lunch of champions here, people! At least the pb is organic, which kind of makes it healthy!

In honor of our nation's birth I, like seemingly 99% of Americans, ran a small community 5k. I have actually never done that before. I am behind the curve, I guess. Anyway, it was a small race with very little fan-fare surrounding it and my buddy E was running it so it sounded like a fun low-key opportunity for a fitness check and a good workout. Plus, mrp's sister literally lives around the corner from the start so I thought she and my niece and nephew might like to come check it out. Unfortunately, they were out of town. Mrp and peanut came down to cheer me on and then we went out to breakfast with my in-laws instead. So, I still got a fun family outing out of the deal.

So you don't care about the peripherals, you just want me to get straight to race reporting don't you?!

Um. Way too much jelly. Noted for next time.

Anyway, yeah, so I'd give myself a B on this race. I ran 18:49 and that is in fact my 5k pr, but I looked up the results from the race where I set it back in 2007 and there I ran an 18:49.2 and on Saturday I ran an 18:49.4. Saturday was only chip-timed at the finish and there are rumors the 2007 race course was short so I feel good that Saturday's race was probably the fastest I have ever run a 5k. Why then only a B? Because I biffed it. I had to run a 5:53 last mile to make it to 18:49 which is 6:04 pace. I set myself up for mediocrity*.

Last time I ran a 5k race with E, we finished within 2 seconds of each other. I edged her out but she led me through 2.5 miles. So, I expected us to be close this time too. Everything indicated as such. We towed the line, the gun went off and I just felt myself shoot off the starting line! But then I started thinking. Where's E? I better not burn out going out too fast, so I slowed down and got behind her. Sure, I was still running hard and fast, but not hard and fast enough. I was thinking, micromanaging my pace, and running someone else's race dammit. That is suicide in a 5k! A good 5k is balls to the wall from start to finish! (*Snicker* I am 12.) Your balls to your wall, too, not someone else's. E was having a bad day and I got caught up in it. I love her a ton, but I should have not worried about her until AFTER the race.

Once I heard the dude calling out the mile splits I knew I was a moron. 6:10. UGH. That's like a 19:10 or so 5k. Not what I was shooting for here. I picked it up, but it was windy, tons of turns and slightly uphill so I only managed to hit a 6:09 for mile two. Not looking good. Plus I was in 4th place! I got mad. I decided I was going to go for the sub 19. I didn't care if I died. I was going to try. So I pushed. And I pushed. I caught number 3 girl on a hill but then she passed me off the hill and then I did the same thing again. I was giving it everything I had down the final stretch as we battled but she pulled ahead with about 200 to go. Mrp yelled at me. I was pissed at myself. I probably couldn't have caught her at that point, but it was because I put myself in a position to have to work so hard over the entire last 1.1 that by the time I needed to kick, I was pooped. I flew into the chute and would have thrown-up if there was anything in my stomach. I ran an 18:49 and came in 4th! Some low-key event!

I am mad though because 1 and 2 both ran 18:30. I can do that. I know I can! But I didn't! UGH. Next race, dammit. Next one. I'm going for it!
*Relative. Believe me, I am super stoked to have run my second 5k in less than a month under 19, but it really was a mediocre race performance even if not a mediocre (for me) time.


Mindi said...

Congrats again! Although I'm not sure I agree it was a B race. I say that because I have done that myself in 5Ks (go out first mile way slow), but I always run much faster times than if I go out too fast or am super even. I guess you have plenty of time this summer to find out though! :)

DC Running Mama said...

Good for you for getting out there. I am hoping for a sub 19 5 K in two weeks, but have no idea about the pacing...b/c I've never run a short race before. Your lunch of champions sounds delish. I believe it rivals my dinner of champions last night: chicken sausage in a potato bun.