Thursday, July 02, 2009


I am a bad bad blogger. I was working so hard to avoid this, but here we are and it's been two weeks since my last post. It's definitely not because I have nothing to say. In fact, I'd love to write on and on about the lovely new stage peanut is in. It's great. I set him down and he says, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Sometimes I merely divert my gaze from his eyes to something else and he graces me with a similar, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Great! I even dared to leave to race a couple of Saturday nights ago. You know what peanut did to mrp? He slapped the bottle away. That's right--he slapped it right out of his hand and went on a hunger strike until I returned. Nice. Of course, I'm flattered that he likes me THAT much (or my boobs. Who am I kidding?) But seriously, it gets old and I have lately found myself just so excited for bedtime and a couple hours of much needed PEACE. Yes, this is why I haven't been blogging, or doing much of anything other than entertaining peanut these days.

Thank god the kid likes the baby jogger. He takes a cat nap, plays with his monkey or talks to the trees we pass on the park trail. Well, usually. Tuesday, for the first time ever, he pitched a fit on a run. Of course it was an 8 miler and of course I was running with a good friend and of course he started at the 4 mile mark on an out-and-back course. I tried to pick him up and my friend and I tried to make him laugh and forget his troubles. When I was holding him he giggled and was smiley mcsmilerstein. But then I put him back down in the BOB and he wasn't having it. We had some success breathlessly singing "Old MacDonald" as we ran but that too wore itself out and we just sucked it up and decided to ignore him. We only had 1.5 miles to go and he wasn't in pain or distress or anything. We got lost in conversation again, thank goodness so it wasn't too bad, but not so much that we didn't notice that peanut suddenly relaxed when we only had a 1/2 mile to go. Sigh. He truly was fine and was all smiles in the parking lot. I swear he just decides he is going to bug unless he can rest in my arms and gaze upon me continuously for some set amount of time. I love him. I really really do, but damn is this stage annoying!

Contrast Tuesday's 8 miler to today's: peanut hit the stroller and conked and woke up at 7.75 miles and chattered away for the last couple of minutes. Maybe it was because we ran at the park with the swings. He knows he better behave then so I don't whisk him off before he gets to play on the swings like a big boy! Ok. He is so so so so cute and adorable even when he's driving me bat-sh*t crazy. I'm working to strengthen his sense of security so hopefully this stage won't last too long. In the meantime, I probably won't get to blog much, though! Wish me luck!

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Mnowac said...

oooh man I dread that stage! I hope it's a short one for your sake. Good thing the kid is so cute.