Sunday, August 09, 2009


Another nice week on the books. I have been feeling really really good lately. I've switched to doing fartleks on the trails over timed track workouts and tempo runs. I'm pushing myself in my workouts for sure and ran my 5 consecutive week in the 70+ mile range. Last week I clocked my pace for some harder stretches of my long run and I was rolling out high 6:50's no problem and mid 7:20's in between harder stretches and felt good. This week I clocked three miles towards the end of my long run at 19:50! So for the little bit of pacing I have been monitoring, my training seems to be going really well. Even better I have found myself beaming with positivity lately. I am so grateful to be able to run on these beautiful summer days and so grateful I have friends and family who support me to make my training happen. And of course I have the most delicious little peanut to run home to, so yeah things are going swell!

I still need to find some source of income. I have a lunch date on Thursday to discuss working as a contract attorney for my county's family courts. I hope I find something to bring home some bacon soon, because my piggy is getting really really skinny!

In peanut news, the kid is a physical machine. Last week he started crawling and standing up and this week he's cruising (walking while holding on to stuff). He also cut his 7th tooth and started eating fingers foods that he picks up, puts in his mouth and chews. This is all within a 7 day span! The down side is that his sleeping has been atrocious. He practices crawling and standing up in his crib and gets stuck in a corner or stuck standing up (he's still working on figuring out how to sit down from standing) and then cries for a rescue. He is almost 9 months and has not once slept through the night. I don't think I've had more than 4 straight hours of sleep since he was born! Surprisingly I feel ok. Sure, the half-asleep me mutters my way up the stairs in the dark at 2 am, but overall I don't feel too sleep-deprived.

I could go on and on. Lots going on, but it's a beautiful day and the nap is almost over so I leave you with the past week's training. Enjoy!

M 8 easy with peanut

T 90 minute fartlek: 45 min easy then 20 x 1:00/1:00 @8k; 5 minutes easy

W 8 easy at the park alone!

R am 90 min fartlek: 35 min easy then 6 x 5:00/2:00 @ HMP; 15 minutes easy; pm 7 easy with peanut and Evie

F 6 easy with peanut

Sa 18 with 20 (from 1:40-2:00) at MP with new friend *N*

Su 8 easy in the hot hot heat alone

Total: 78.5!


Mindi said...

Awesome on all fronts! I am so glad everything is going so well for you!

jsmarslender said...

Amazing mileage! Good job with that. Also, I know the CC coaching decision was a little tough, but perhaps that opportunity will come along again (and closer). Good luck with the job search, keep us posted.

solarsquirrel said...

Wow. Absolutely amazing. You're going to just keep getting FASTER!
A job will come - make sure you keep enjoying the important stuff.