Monday, August 24, 2009

No Witty Title, Just a Summary of Recent Training

My training the last couple weeks continues to go well. I had a slight down week of 65 miles the week of the 10 mile race, but this past week I ramped right back up to 79. Sometimes the ramp up after a down week can be tough but I felt great this week. I recovered fairly quickly from the race and had lots of company for my runs this week which helped. Hopefully I can do the same this week! If you're local and want to get a run in, just let me know!

Yesterday I had a great long run with E. I finally made it down to the big group she often runs with on Sundays. Since peanut is doing better with his sleep and he and mrp have their little date on Sunday mornings I figured it would be good for me. We did an easy 5 mile loop with some other folks and then hit a 15 mile loop to close out the run. E had to do a standard 20 miles + 5 mile MP push. I had something a little more complicated on tap: 20 with a fartlek of 10 x 2:00 at ~6:30 with 3:00 easy in between. I needed to start this at 13.

E and I kept up a brisk, yet comfortable pace. We were averaging high 7:40's and feeling good. She warned me the course would get hilly just as I started my fartlek, but I didn't sweat it knowing it would be good for me. We tried to figure out who would finish her run first. I had a feeling it would be her with her steady and moderate 5 miles over my 7 miles of hard/easy intervals. I was right!

My first 2:00 was totally fine and felt good. I was at 6:17 pace and it felt surprisingly comfortable. As I finished it up I saw the big hill E had told me about. I knew the next one would be slow. It was. I ran 6:57 and had to fight hard for that! The recovery was still way up hill and I was still huffing and puffing. I grabbed some water E stashed for us and cheated a tad on this break--probably 3:45 instead of 3:00, but was quickly on my way. The next one was still headed uphill and was 6:40. After that I thought I was done with the hills. I managed 6:24 and 6:19 for the next two and was feeling fine. The 6th one started up yet another hill and it wasn't too bad, but at this point I was feeling any little incline. 6:34. Number 7 was back to flat at 6:17. And then number 8 was just evil. Straight uphill for the entire 2:00. At this point my legs were TOAST! 6:49, but it felt even slower. I thought I'd be lucky to crack 8:00 on this one! The last two were flat, but man I was pooped. My garmin randomly changed screens and I didn't have the pace anymore, which I thought was saving me from the misery of knowing. Turns out I was fine: 6:24 and 6:33.

Man did this workout kick my butt! I think it was really good for me though because it's teaching me to mentally and physically breakthrough that long run fatigue. I think if the run wasn't hilly it would not have been nearly as hard. But I'm glad it was.

Here are the last two weeks of training:


M 8 with peanut (no watch)

T 12 on trails and xc course: 45 min w/u + 8 x 2:00 @ 10k with 1:00 easy paced rest + 20:00 c/d

W: 8 with peanut (no watch)

Th: 11.5 mix of roads and trails: moderate run for an hour and then 8 x :30 @ 5k before heading home.

F: 7 with peanut (no watch)

Sa: 4 very easy alone (no watch)

Su: 15 including 10 mile race in 1:05:21

Total: 65.5


M 6 easy with peanut and (no watch)

T am 4 on the tm (8:40) and 8 pm with peanut and Evie (no watch)

W 6 easy with peanut and (no watch); 4 pm on tm (8:25)

Th 13: 20 min w/u + 4 x 12:00/3:00 at MP (6:50-7:04 from the random 1/2 mile snippets I timed) + 4 x 1:00/1:00 @ 5k effort + 20 min c/d

F 10 hilly miles easy with JP from home (8:20's)

Sa 8 easy on trails with E (probably around 8:45)

Su 20: 13 with E (and others from time to time) then did 10 x 2:00/3:00 (avg 7:41)

Total: 79

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Alyssa mommy said...

amazing!!!! Im sad I didnt do as much running as I had hoped with Alyssa this summer. But hopefully I will get it in gear for the late summer fall season.