Sunday, August 02, 2009


I really should go to bed while I can, but I would like to quickly update on the coaching situation and post my training for the last two weeks before I get so far behind with this blog that I feel guilty and never show my face around these parts again! So, without further ado and so that I might get some amount of decent sleep before peanut's wake-up-a-thon commences, here is update and the much anticipated previous two weeks of training:

I talked to the kid after the race on Saturday (I cheered him on extra loudly!). He was sad (I saw tears well up!) but he seemed to understand. His mom was there to so I talked with her and told her what a wonderful son she clearly has. Seriously, the kid is so hard-working, smart and has tons of leadership potential. I offered to help him (and the team, but I don't know how willing they are to continue on without a coach) with his training between now and when the team gets a coach and he took me up on the offer. It's the least I can do to help and it really won't take me more than an hour to do a little research and write something up for two weeks of training for him. I know I made the right decision, but I am still struggling with it!

Anyway, enough about that sad stuff. The training has been going well. Last week was a blur with camp, but I got some quality miles in the bank.


M 4 slow miles with peanut

T AM 6 easy with peanut; PM 6 easy with peanut

W AM 12 including farlek: 10 x 4:00/1:00 at 15k effort + 4 x :30 hard; PM 4 easy with peanut

R 8 easy with Evie and peanut

F 6 rushed with peanut before road trip

Sa 20 in State College, PA mostly on trails except for some exploring around campus. Only timed run of the week! 7:57 average pace.

Su 7 easy--part outside, part sprinted back home to avoid certain death from crazy thunderstorm and part on treadmill (ugh).

Total: 73


M 11.5 including fartlek: 5 x 4:00/1:00 at 15k + 4 x :45 hard.

T 11 with girls at camp

W 12 including fartlek with kids at camp: 4/4/3/3/2/2/1/1 with equal rests run out and back on grass xc course. Very fun, but HARD! workout. Afterwards did 20 minutes at marathon pace effort.

R 9 with the girls--high 7 pace.

F 7 with the girls easier

Sa 4 made up of warm-ups and cool-downs with the kids and running around the course screaming at my team at the camp race! Ran around the course holding peanut so I should get extra credit!

Su 17.5: ran 1 hour+ easy and then did 3 x 15:00 at MP (mid to high 6:50's) with 5:00 floats in between (mid-high 7:20's).

Total: 72

Uh oh. The 'thon has begun. I better go tend to the crying babe before he really gets wound up and I'm up for two hours trying to get him back to sleep. Yeah, that was my Thursday night. Not tonight, though!

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Miss Adventurous said...

You did the good thing by being honest about it. It's really sweet of you to offer training help as a consolation prize as well!