Thursday, September 03, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure

Here are three workouts:

1. Marathon Paced Intervals: 20 with 2 miles easy w/u + 5 x 3 miles @ MP with 2:00 full rests followed by 1 mile with 10 x :15 HARD + 2 miles easy c/d


2. 1/3's Progression: 20 with 1 mile w/u + 6 @ MP+1:00; 6 @ MP+:30; 6 @ MP + 1 mile c/d


3. Long Continuous Marathon Paced Run: 20 miles with 4 miles easy + 13 @ MP + 3 miles easy

I'm curious what others think of these workouts. When would each be appropriate in a marathon training cycle if at all? What would be the benefits of each? Which would you do if given the choice? I'll kick off the discussion in the comments. Hopefully I won't be talking to myself :)


E-Speed said...

I like #3! I think it is a good last long run. I did a similar workout before Boston, it was tough but a mental boost knowing I could do 12 at MP in the middle of a long run during a peak week.

The Salty One said...

#1 I think is good for someone who needs the miles at MP but is feeling beat up. I don't think this workout is good for me because I have been doing almost all my harder running fartlek style and I think I need something continuous to gain confidence and sharpen my focus and ability to relax. I did nothing longer than 2 miles continuous at MP before my last marathon and I think I would have benefitted from something longer and continuous.

#2 To me this could be a great workout, but I worry that it would be too hard for the stimulus value. Wouldn't you pretty much get the same effect from running the first 12 easy and then pushing the last 6 at MP? The middle faster paced miles seem like wasted energy to me. I do think it's better than the broken up MP workout above though just because it would make me stay focused for a long time.

#3 I think this workout works best for me three weeks out. Like I said above, almost everything I've been doing lately is intervals or fartleks so I think I need something continuous to work on my mental game. Plus, I think running half the distance at MP would be a huge confidence booster. I should also be able to do it without over-taxing myself at this point. If I am shredded from this workout it's time to change my goal MP!

marathon mommy said...

I'm partial to #3. Great way to train your legs and mind to the rhythm of your MP.

Mindi said...

I am also partial to #3, but would bump up the MP miles even more to say 15 miles. Even if you drop it down to 17 with 15 MP.

Agreed that #1 sounds great if you are feeling beat up.

allanjel said...

I say #2 because it gets a little harder each 1/3 and you have to stay focused through the segments. By the end you will be tired and hurting of course nowhere near the level of the actual mary, but it may help mentally prep you a tad to hold pace.

Also, are you not going to taper down and do 10-15 MP pace runs in the next 3 weeks anyway? You already know you can run 13-15 miles at MP.

Of course, I am not training for a mary, nor do I train as hard as the other respondents. That sad my advice = grain of salt.