Thursday, September 10, 2009


I accidentally ran 9 miles on 9/9/09. I took peanut to the park in the a.m. I wasn't sure what he'd be up for so hoped for 8 but would settle for 4-6 and just run more in the p.m. At two miles he conked so thought for sure 8 miles was in the bag, until right as we passed the parking lot at mile 6 he woke up. 6 it is!

Then later in the evening I put peanut down for the night while mrp headed out for his own 4. After peanut seemed settled I headed to the basement for 4 miles. I was ambling along watching Big Love. I was about .75 miles into the run and mrp came downstairs to inform me peanut was upstairs wailing. Ugh. So I went upstairs and we both assessed the cry level and decided to wait 10 more minutes to see what happens. So I went back downstairs and ramped the mill back up and trotted along and sure enough at 10 minutes mrp came back downstairs. Cry level rose a few notches. So I came back upstairs and he was SCREAMING. So, I headed upstairs and it smelled really bad and got worse as I approached peanut. The poor little guy pooped! He was not going to go down with poopy pants! So, we got him out and mrp and I tagged teamed a very calm and quiet diaper change and I put him back down. I ran downstairs to try to eek in my last 1.85 miles but at .85 my episode of Big Love was over and I said forget it and went upstairs and made dinner.

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