Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Round of Applause

Out of the blue two days ago, peanut started to clap! I had worked with him a couple of months ago to get him to do it, but the best he would do was help mrp and me clap when we clapped, but he'd never do it himself. So, when he put his two little hands together all by himself I just about melted. What a cutie!

But even better, I think he did it because he was getting ready to celebrate: he slept 10 hours straight last night! I won't tell you how he woke up tons the night before and it turns out it wasn't because he's a whiney parent manipulator but rather because he was cold. Do I need to tell you I felt like a huge ass? But! Warmer jammies a night later and we have our best night ever! Woo!

In other news I just finished up my peak week of training before slowly descending downward to the marathon in 3 weeks and 4 days! (I won't really taper until two weeks out but I'll be back down in the 70's this week and probably next). I ran 83 miles. Many of those did not feel so hot. For the first time this season my legs felt the miles hard core. They felt heavy and pinchy on almost all my easy runs. My hard runs, however, were fantastic. Guess that means something's going right!

M 8 easy with peanut (he was fussy so had to stop half-way to play a little)

T AM 6 with peanut; PM 4 with peanut (his first double!)

W 14 including 6 x 7:30 at half-marathon effort with 2:30 rests + 6 x :30 @ 3k effort with 1:00 rests all on hilly trails. Did this on an out and back and ended way past where I started so that made me happy.

Th AM 4 on the TM (9ish pace and that felt hard!); PM 8 with Evie and peanut

F 10 easy from home in a thunderstorm (no lightening thank goodness!)

Sa 8 easy from the in-laws on the wonderful rolling country roads

Su 21 with FD averaging 7:30 pace (FD is a local masters runner who is a bit faster than me, so worked out great!): alternating 2 easy/1 MP (8:01; 7:52; 6:56; 7:35; 6:58; 7:42; 7:39; 7:00; 7:41; 7:34; 6:41; 7:36; 7:50; 6:49; 8:29 (Mt. Everest); 7:52; 6:48; 7:58; 7:53; 6:30; 8:09)

Total: 83

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