Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Calling All Archaeologists

It's two days later and I don't feel at all like I ran a marathon. I feel totally fine. Certainly better than I did post-Akron and probably better than I felt before Akron! My butt was nagging me for weeks and feels fine now. Go figure.

So the mystery is why couldn't I cash in on my training and run a marathon equivalent to my short race times? If anything I was in better shape than I was two years ago, yet I wasn't even close to matching my marathon performance from then and that itself was also an underperformance. Why was I able to comfortably run 13.1 miles at 6:59 pace on the towpath 5 weeks ago and barely holding 7:30's on the towpath two days ago? What the heck happened to me?

If you have some time and feel like doing an archeological dig into my training here's a link to my log.

Some ideas mrp and I have bandied about:

- crappy taper

- not long enough long runs

- life stress

- still nursing

Otherwise, we have no idea. I really want to know what happened. Any ideas or insight would be greatly appreciated!

PS This is not a bitter I should have run faster post! I did my best and I am happy with it. I am just trying to figure out why my best was much slower than all indicators seemed to suggest (at least what the suggested before Akron).


DC Running Mama said...

Could it have been related to the surface that you ran on? I can't get the log to show me your training snippet, so I can't tell how many 20+ miles you did. (Not that I'd be much help; you know more about training than I do!)

Vince A. said...

Conjecture, long runs.
Truism, your performace will vary; an old masters runner, a veteran of 70 marathons told me that the best predictor of your race performance is how you feel when you wake up that given day. Congrats on the race.

Lloyd said...

I'm the same way - my shorter races are better comparative performances than my marathons.

Initial thought after reading this:

What calculator(s) is she using to predict marathon performance? FWIW, I use the VDOT chart or McMillian, and add 5 minutes to what it spits out.

Scientific, no. Closer to reality, for me, yes.