Thursday, October 08, 2009

(a very diluted version of a) Phoenix (like 3 parts water to one part phoenix)

Peanut's waking up, so this will be short.

I am running another marathon on Sunday ... and mrp is running with me! Fun times sure to abound! It's a very small local marathon run on a limestone path. Some say this will ensure a slow time. I used to do almost all my long runs on that path before peanut and I always really liked it. It's funny that I USED to do all my long runs on that path before and now that I'm running a marathon on it I've hardly run on the path at all this past year! Oh well. After a dnf and a haphazard 4 week taper, I honestly just want to finish a marathon with a smile on my face and close the chapter on this year of training. That's the goal.

In other news, the law school I went to hired me as an adjunct professor! It's just for one semester and I only get to do it if at least 8 people sign up for my class, but it's a start!

I am looking for another part-time gig of some sort: permanent, contract, whatever! We could really use some dough rolling in and I need the intellectual stimulation and adult-like structure to my life. Running clothes, infrequent showers and mussy ponytails be gettin' old, people.

Here's what my two weeks post Akron-DNF training looks like:

Su - Off to recover mentally and physically

Mo - 4 easy

Tu - 6 easy

We - 6 easy

Th - 7 with 1 at "MP*" (6:52)

F - off (massage!)

Sa - 10 with 2 at "MP" (6:56, 6:55)

Su - 7 easy

Total: 40

Mo - 4 easy (started to feel good!)

Tu - 7 woth 6 x 1:30/1:00 @ 5k (felt great--was :30-:40 faster for the .6 miles out of the valley from my house than usual!)

We - 3 easy (felt a little crusty)

Th - Planning 6 easy

Fr - Planning 4 easy

Sa - Planning 2 easy

Su - Race day!

Total: 26 + Marathon

* I said, "Legs, run marathon pace" and this is what they did. Pretty much every time I did that over the season they ran 7:15-6:50. I am committed to not being disappointed if that is not what happens on Sunday. Again, the point is a smile at the finish (for once)!


Katie Gregory said...

Good luck this weekend! Looking forward to reading a great report!

Viper said...

Good luck at the Towpath! (I'm guessing that's what you're running ...)

DC Running Mama said...

Good luck this weekend and good attitude about closing out the season with a complete marathon, regardless of pace. And, thanks for posting your 2 week (+) taper. I'm not really sure how to approach running post marathon or what to expect from my body.

And! Yeah! for the part-time gig!

Mindi said...

I've heard those paths can be very fast if they aren't a mess so don't worry. You should feel right at home!

Congrats on the new job - cool! And good luck!!

marathon mommy said...

Congrats on the teaching job and good luck Sunday!

marathon mommy said...

P.s.The towpath may be a little slower but it is FLAT as a pancake which is a bonus!

Mindi said...

I have no doubt you'll do great. My current PR was done 3 weeks after a bust marathon. There is something nice about not having the pressure, yet having the fitness.

Good luck!