Sunday, November 15, 2009

High Hopes

10 hopes about pregnancy and baby #2

1. I hope #2 is a better sleeper than peanut was (pretty much since I've been pregnant he's a champ sleeper--but before that UGH!)

2. I hope I don't gain as much weight this time. Last time I gained ~ 50 lbs.

3. I hope I am able to run more this time. Last time I was able to maintain around 25 - 35 mpw from 13 - 34 weeks. This time I'd like to be closer to 40. Of course, if this happens it will be in a few weeks. Right now I am happy to be running at all!

4. I hope #2's delivery is much easier than peanut's. Labor for less than 2.5 days would be a good start.

5. I hope I can get back up and running as quickly as I did with peanut. It will be summer and I will be itching to get out there! Last time I matched my 5k pr by 7 months (and I was disappointed with that race. Um. Riiiiiight. Seems a little silly in retrospect!) This time, do you think it's possible by 5.5? I hope so!

6. I hope mrp and I make it out for a couple of date nights before baby #2 comes. We haven't been out to dinner alone since before peanut was born. Somehow the magic is still alive. We're resilient that way, I guess.

7. I hope I feel as good as I did last time through weeks 20-34. I loved being pregnant during those weeks last time. I hope I feel the same way this time because these last few weeks have been ROUGH.

8. I hope I get out and run with friends often this winter. I so enjoyed running with lots of new people and making lots of new running friends last time I was pregnant. If you're local and want to hook up for some slow sloggy miles, let me know!

9. I hope I can muster enough winter running clothes that fit so I can run outside all winter.

10. I hope baby #2 is as happy and healthy and wonderful as peanut. Seriously. It's hard to imagine another person being as amazing as my peanut or loving another as much.


Mnowac said...

Gary and I would be happy to watch the Nutter so you can go out to dinner anytime! You could drop him here and hit up one of the yumy places by us or we could come to you. We never do anything Fri or Sat night so just let me know! Promise! And I'm always up for slow, soggy miles, you know that.

DC Running Mama said...

Good hopes! Are you totally exhausted? HTat's my biggest fear...a baby that doesn't quite sleep through the night and being pregnant. I guess we just learn to deal with it. As for loving another just as much, I think we will all be amazed at the capacity of our hearts:>

DC Running Mama said...