Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Trimester Report

This pregnancy is flying by. I feel like I JUST ran a marathon and here I am 12 weeks pregnant! That being said, the first trimester has not been fun. Last time I was pretty nauseous and tired, but it seemed so much worse this time. I can't seem to get enough sleep (last night 9 hours + a 2 hour nap today and I'm still pooped!), and I feel nauseous almost all of the time. I am living on soup and seltzer and even so, I have gained about 12 lbs already! I was doing really good about the weight and then all of a sudden I got huge. Seriously! I've had to pull out the maternity shirts around 3 weeks ago. I couldn't hide this bump if someone paid me. The weird thing is that I can still wear some pretty tiny jeans. Last time I had to use the ol' rubber band trick and was in maternity pants by around 12 weeks, but this time it's all on top, I guess.

I am starting to feel better about running. For a while there the most I could stomach was 4 miles, 5 times a week. Doing more than 4 was like pulling teeth and just exhausting. But since around Thanksgiving, I've been feeling a little better and have happily run 5 or 6 a few times and even ran a couple of decent races. And this morning I got out in the morning for a run all by myself, which I haven't done since I found out I was pregnant--I just felt too tired and too awful in the mornings to run. I felt pretty crappy the rest of the day, but I think that would have been the case whether or not I ran. It's just life these days. Hopefully, not for too much longer. If I recall, last time I felt a lot better around 14 weeks and like my old self around 20 weeks. So, 2 more weeks and I should be doing a lot better. I hope!

In other news, peanut is still nursing and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight (maybe that's why I'm so tired?! Hmmm). He's eating great and he has taken very well to whole milk, but he only drinks around 4 oz per day. I don't want to force more on him. He eats yogurt and cheese a plenty. He is only nursing before naps and before bedtime. I'm hoping he'll self-wean when he goes through that independent stage around 15 months I keep hearing about. Anyone have any experience with that? I guess if I have to tandem nurse it won't be the end of the world. I just never saw myself as such a crazy hippy lady! I just don't think I want to force weaning. Fortunately, we're in a position where we don't need to do that, so I guess like with everything else we'll play it by ear.

So that's our end of the first trimester report. Now I need to get to bed so I can try another one of those morning runs tomorrow!


Mama Simmons said...

Glad you're feeling like it's flying by! I swear, mine is progressing at a SNAIL'S pace. I'm also nauseous most of the time, but it's a low grade nausea that I TRY to ignore... I'm ok at ignoring it a lot, buy I'll be happy when I don't feel like I might just puke all the time.
Tandem nursing... You crack me up. :)

DR said...

My DD is 17 mo and also just comfort nursing: first thing in AM and before nap and bedtime. She's very tall and I never thought in a million years I would nurse that's like having a child hanging off you, but then I am not working this year and I kinda like the closeness we have so why not. In the last month I have definately noticed that she doesn't demand the boob in distress (i.e. when her 1st molars were coming in, the time she fell in the pool and was submerged for a nanosecond...last week when she had a cold and was so stuffed she couldn't sleep) and sometimes when she comfort nurses and she can't get comfy she just points to the crib and has no problem when i put her down...I tried to wean her from the pre-nap session a while back but she was so sad I couldn't do it.

I just recently heard of tandem nursing. I think you both will figure out what's best for you when you get there.

allanjel said...

Ugghh! I hope your nausea passes soon :(

Rubber banding pants..hmmm that is a great idea. I am not even pregnant, but lately I can't put down the junk food, so I may try that (LOL).

Take care of yourself!!

Mnowac said...

Wow, can't believe the first tri is over! Congrats. I have in my head that I will start weaning Harper at a year whether she likes it or not...but I may change my mind. So, no tips from me obviously. Do you want to do a playdate someday this week?

GP said...

Well, of course you're tired: you're feeding a small, but very healthy, army!

Katie said...

Hope the nausea ends soon for you! We're at 14 weeks on Wednesday and while I don't feel bad, I just never feel very good. I still would prefer a nap over a run any day. I'm trying to overcome that though! You're helping to motivate me!