Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Treadmill Season

So, treadmill season has officially begun. Today was a crazy weather day--one of those days where we left the house and it was warm and an hour and a half later we left the restaurant where we had lunch with my mom and it had to be 15 degrees cooler and super windy. A few minutes ago it was snowing and now it's sunny. It's crazy. But it's super windy and the temperature is dropping like crazy so I can't take peanut to the park. That left the treadmill today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be at all. In fact it was quite nice. I put peanut down for his nap, put on a sports bra and shorts and my ipod and hit the mill. 4 miles went by super fast. I could have easily done another one or two except towards the end of the four I was feeling pretty stitchy. I'll blame that on playing around with the incline and dancing around to good tunes! I also had to pee midway and instead of having to break up peanut's zen-like flow and take the BOB into the very pleasant park restroom, I could just pause the hamster wheel and run upstairs. So nice! I think I'll manage to run through the winter!

I am not above taking peanut out in the cold though. We went to the park on Monday and I got in 6 miles around 9:20 pace. It was 33 and snowing. It wasn't sticking for most of the run, so with the weather shield, his coat and fleecy hat and mittens and his blanket he was fine and so was I. In fact, he snoozed the whole way! For me, I love running in the winter. It's so quiet and peaceful. But, the days when I can take peanut out are definitely limited now. We'll just have to savor every one of them!

In other news, peanut is walking like crazy! He's like a little tiny frankenstein. He's doing laps around the living room and stopping in to the kitchen to visit me for a hug, a sip of milk or bite of bagel. It's so cute! He is loving the mobility! He started walking two days before his birthday and now he can't stop. It's amazing!


Mindi said...

Cool! I just did the same thing and came to the same conclusion: it wasn't so bad and I may just survive the winter. It is nice running in just a sports bra and shorts too rather than getting all bundled up!

allanjel said...

I plan on fighting the "mill" as long as I can. Although, running outside this afternoon for and hour and a half with that darned wind definitely was challenging!!

But it's better than studying :)

DC Running Mama said...

I CAN NOT wait for my treadmill to get here! I totally skipped a run today because it was rainy and cold and I didn't want to run in it!

Emily said...

Cute peanut, isn't he. One of reasons that I bought the treadmill from was that it provides possibility of running no matter what it is like outside.

E-Speed said...

funny I did my first treadmill run last night and was amazed to survive 6 miles. It was nit zen like whatsoever, I need to figure out to at least moderately enjoy the treadmill or it is going to be a long winter!