Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sort of Fast!

What a nice day. I woke up and got about an hour of work done (I got a short term contracting gig that I can do from home!) and then headed into town for a 5k with the girls. On Halloween a bunch of us got together and did a trail run before heading out for pancakes afterwards.

Well, we had so much fun we decided to try to do it somewhat regularly. I noticed that a really great 5k was on the calendar about a month later on the other side of town (only fair for our westsiders!) so it was on! 8 of us met up this morning to run the race and then head out for pancakes afterwards. The real kicker is that 5 of us are pregnant. FIVE! It is so great to have so many pregnant friends. I am so happy for everyone and it's awesome to have so many ladies to share and commiserate with!

Anyway, I am not sure what it was but I felt good! I started out with Evie and MN way in the back of the pack. It's so crazy starting way back. We walked or jogged for quite a while and finally I found some open road and took off. I passed like 500 people over the first mile, I swear! My split was 7:39. At the mile mark, I did a gut check and felt good so picked it up. I saw E-speed coming back in first place! Woohoo! I just saw her coming around the corner and didn't see any other women. That got me excited. Mile 2 was 7:14. I did another gut check and still felt great so I picked it up even more over the last 1.1. I passed lots of people and it felt so good. My stride felt FAST and smooth. I miss that feeling so much! I think I like running fast. I used to think I hated 5k's, but now I think I LOVE them! I love the raw power it takes to run a good one. Exhilerating!

Anyway, my third mile was 6:53 and my last .1 was :42. Woo! I ran a 22:30! That's a huge pregnant pr for me--like over a minute! Much of that has to do with the blistering fast course--minimal turns and the flattest course of any race I have EVER run, ever! It's awesome for a fast 5k. Plus, the weather is always just about perfect--high 20's, very little wind. Just FAST! Love it! But yeah, between the course and the cool weather and maybe because I'm in better shape I had a great race for two ("race for two" is kind of cheesy, isn't it? Oh well!). I ran my nonpregnant pr on this race a couple of years ago too. I think this will be my comeback goal race after #2 gets here. PR? Hope so! Oh and speaking of, E-speed ran a 18 second pr and won! See. Told you this race rules! (What is wrong with me? "This race rules?" Am I a 12 year old boy from 1987?!)

Afterwards, we bombarded a local pancake joint and scarfed up all kinds of crazy pancakes and giant omelets. It was such a fun morning. I came home and mrp and peanut were outside having a great old time. We all ate the left over omelet and some other snacks and then we put peanut and momma down for a nap. Boy did I need that after a fun fantastic morning. I have such great friends and the most wonderful family. I am one lucky girl!

Here are some pics of mrp and peanut playing outside. Couldn't you just eat them up?!


Mama Simmons said...

SO COOL! I'm jealous of your group of pregnant athlete friends! Most of my pregnant friends are online. ;)

marathon mommy said...

Congrats on the preggo PR!

E-Speed said...

Nicely done yesterday! Great preggo PR!