Sunday, December 06, 2009

What's to Come

I have so much on my plate right now, but I can't stop thinking about running and all the fastness I want to get back after #2 is born. I didn't even run today, I was so busy! But, still I dream of what's to come!

I've been really thinking about it and I really enjoyed the short races this last year, much more so than I ever have. I had so much fun running harder on the track. I feel sick of long and slow and marathon pace and fartleks and boring stuff like that. I so long to run FAST. I want to burn up the track and the roads. I want to push a double BOB faster than any mom before! Last time I was pregnant I was burned out from a long couple of years of continuous marathon training. This time, I feel like I was just getting started when I got pregnant again. I feel like I have so much more to do with my running and I am so excited to do it!

I hope to spend about a year or so just focusing on 5k-10k's. I can't imagine I'll have time to do any continuous 20+ milers for a while, but I can probably swing 12-14. I'll probably have to run very early in the morning and rely on help for workouts. We shall see! But I miss it so much and hope that I can have that me time. But yeah! I think I can get under 18:00 for a 5k by my 36th birthday in May of 2011! If I can do that then I can meet my other goal of cracking the top 5 in the Johnnycake jog by going under 30:00. I really think I can do it. I believe if I stuck with the short stuff this past year I would have made some serious dents in my pr's. Stupid marathons! (although in all seriousness I think if I wasn't pregnant I probably would have pr'd at the Towpath Marathon even after the whole Akron thing. Oh well!)

It's kind of good I'm pregnant in the winter or I'd be having a heck of a time restraining myself with all my favorite races going on. There are no local races really until February, so that'll help me. Plus, again, I am crazy busy with my non-running life: contracting job, teaching job, full-time mothering. It's a lot! And I don't have a lot of help. So yeah. Not really going to be very tempted to overdo it with my running now. But just you wait. End of July, beginning of August, I'll be back!


Mnowac said...

Well you know I am happy to help until I have to go back to work :( Who know when that will actually happe though. So, if you ever need a babysitter, even if running isn't involved PLEASE don't hesitate to let me know. I think we should at least have biweekly play dates for the kids.

Trisaratops said...

That's the spirit! :)

Yeah, last time I was preggers I missed a whole racing season and it drove me BATTY. I feel like I timed things up much better this time!

Dreaming about next season keeps me going, too! Although I am dreaming of the long stuff. I stink at 5Ks...I just can't seem to pace myself right and I swear it's harder to run a smart 5K than a half marathon! ha ha

Good luck with your goals! Maybe I can at least run with ya at the track so I can keep you in my sights ;)

Mama Simmons said...

I know what you mean about feeling cut off from achieving your goals this time around... good news is that I think we just get stronger with each kid, so watch out for us in 2010! ;) I still want to do some of the long stuff, though I am worried about having the time to train with TWO little ones to care for. So I may jump on the short race bandwagon for a few years as well. I've never really trained for short races- only done them while prepping for longer ones. So it could be an interesting change of pace. Literally!

DC Running Mama said...

You know, I'm kinda feeling like I need a break from running marathons, too...hopefully, I will get a 10 month break, but if that doesn't happen soon I think I'll just focus on shorter races. You DO have a lot going on!