Saturday, November 28, 2009

A-Turkey-Trottin' We Will Go!

Now that the big birthday bash and Thanksgiving festivities are over I have a second to post something. Phew! It's been kind of crazy around here!

Oh. And in the middle of all that, we had our first midwife appointment on Wednesday. My midwife felt my uterus and thinks instead of the 10 weeks I think I am, that I may be as far along as 13 weeks. Now wouldn't that be interesting? Based on dates, I don't think that's possible. Mrp's convinced it's twins. I'm convinced he's nuts. Tentatively my due date is 6/28 (that's based on my dates). I could be due as early as 6/7. We find out on Wednesday when I go in for an ultrasound! Yeah! We get to see #2!

Back to Thanksgiving and such. Don't think for a second I missed the opportunity to Turkey Trot with all the holiday and first trimester craziness going on! I have to admit I was more worried about waking up before 7:00 than I was about the actual race. I have been insanely exhausted so far this pregnancy and have been having a hard time getting up and going before 4:00 p.m. Seriously. But I think maybe, just maybe, we've turned a corner because I woke up at 5:55 a.m. on Thursday, raced the trot and celebrated the holiday without a wink of a nap! And yesterday mrp, peanut and I hosted a family gathering over here and I cleaned all day and again, survived! I don't even feel too bad today. I took an insurance nap this morning, but now feel bright-eyed and ready to get things done. Who is this chick?! Maybe I am closing in on the end of the first trimester. Hmmm.

Anyway, back to the trot!

My sister is in town and she has been running quite a bit over the last year or so, even venturing to complete her first half marathon (in 2:02! Not bad for a girl who rarely cracked 30:00 for a 5k in high school!) Based on that performance I was confident she could come very close to breaking 8:00 pace for a 4 miler. She thought I was high. Coincidentally, sub-32:00 was about what I thought would be a good goal for me and #2. So, we hit the exurban outlet mall, did almost a 2 mile warm-up plus some strides. That was kind of funny--my strides were my easy pace from September I think! We lined up and breathed in the frosty late fall air and we were off!

I had it in mind I would run with my sister and then "hammer" the last mile or so to help her get a big fat pr. Well, you know how sister's are. I could tell I was irritating her as I kept making sure she was still with me. So, I said tootles and headed on with a pace that felt on the fast side of comfortable. I figured she could still key off of me and I would help her that way. My first mile was 7:59. Not bad, especially since we lined up kind of far back and had to basically shuffle for the first little bit. The 7:50's felt like a marathon paced effort or so, I'd say. It's weird to race pregnant. I want to "race," but I don't want to really race. You know? I don't want to overtax myself, but I want to push myself a wee bit--just enough to feel good and dust off the fast legs a bit. It's really hard to know where the line is, but my philosophy is that if baby's in trouble baby will let mama know! Puking, heart palpitations, dizziness, etc are all things for which I am constantly scanning my physical self. If nausea is at bay, and heart rate feel's ok and my head is clear I proceed.

Anyway, I was trotting along and saw the female leaders after the turnaround--two friends running hard and duking it out. I was only very mildly jealous. To be honest, it's nice to have no pressure and just enjoy the race experience sometimes. I made it to the turnaround myself and saw my sister not too far back. Good girl! We slapped hands and I continued on. My second mile was 7:53. I did a self-check and felt good. So increased the effort a little bit. I expected mile 3 to be around 7:30 but after chugging up some hills it was 7:59. I continued on this pace for about another minute and then I decided I felt good and would really pick it up, so I started to focus on one chick at a time and just started picking off as many as I could. I seemed to have inspired some kid to start sprinting. He's the only person who passed me. It was super fun! I couldn't believe when I hit the shoot and the last mile split was 6:41! Whoa! 30:30. Nice! I definitely felt it, but I was ok. I took my chip off and waited for my sister. She pulled in a little after 32:00. Darn! She was stuck in a mob in the chute and was being all drama queen about needing to puke. Aww. Cute!

Another nice thing about not really racing is that you don't need to wait around afterwards for awards. So, we sisters did a quick warmdown and headed back home to prepare for the remaining holiday festivities knowing we earned our pie!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Big!

Can you believe our little peanut is going to be one in just three days? It really does go as fast as they say it does. The little guy is stoked for his birthday. Can you tell?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

High Hopes

10 hopes about pregnancy and baby #2

1. I hope #2 is a better sleeper than peanut was (pretty much since I've been pregnant he's a champ sleeper--but before that UGH!)

2. I hope I don't gain as much weight this time. Last time I gained ~ 50 lbs.

3. I hope I am able to run more this time. Last time I was able to maintain around 25 - 35 mpw from 13 - 34 weeks. This time I'd like to be closer to 40. Of course, if this happens it will be in a few weeks. Right now I am happy to be running at all!

4. I hope #2's delivery is much easier than peanut's. Labor for less than 2.5 days would be a good start.

5. I hope I can get back up and running as quickly as I did with peanut. It will be summer and I will be itching to get out there! Last time I matched my 5k pr by 7 months (and I was disappointed with that race. Um. Riiiiiight. Seems a little silly in retrospect!) This time, do you think it's possible by 5.5? I hope so!

6. I hope mrp and I make it out for a couple of date nights before baby #2 comes. We haven't been out to dinner alone since before peanut was born. Somehow the magic is still alive. We're resilient that way, I guess.

7. I hope I feel as good as I did last time through weeks 20-34. I loved being pregnant during those weeks last time. I hope I feel the same way this time because these last few weeks have been ROUGH.

8. I hope I get out and run with friends often this winter. I so enjoyed running with lots of new people and making lots of new running friends last time I was pregnant. If you're local and want to hook up for some slow sloggy miles, let me know!

9. I hope I can muster enough winter running clothes that fit so I can run outside all winter.

10. I hope baby #2 is as happy and healthy and wonderful as peanut. Seriously. It's hard to imagine another person being as amazing as my peanut or loving another as much.

Friday, November 06, 2009


Now that I'm pregnant I am having a terrible time getting out to run. I only feel up to it in the late afternoon so I have a very short window to squeeze one in. I ran a whopping 20 miles last week and only 12 so far this week. Four miles feels short but at the same time I just don't feel like doing more. The weird thing is that I actually feel good when I'm running, but otherwise I feel horrible. The morning sickness is possibly worse this time than last time. If I can get in at least one nap, I'm ok and even better if I can get two!

After peanut, I swore that if I got pregnant again I would get out and run much more than I did when I was pregnant with him. Now I'm not so sure that's going to happen. I didn't run from weeks 5 - 7 last time, so I'm already doing better this time. However, I honestly can't imagine wanting to run more than 30 mpw right now. Well, check that. I can't imagine wanting to do that pushing a jogging stroller in the cold on the same stretch of bike path day in and day out while pregnant. If I could get out on the trails alone I think I could put in a solid 35-40 mpw. Oh well.

In other news, I am already sporting a rotund middle. Seriously. My mom was over today and laughed at my belly as I lay on the couch in all my nauseated glory. Thanks, mom! I went from tight toned marathoner, to paunchy ambiguously pregnant chick in a week. Crazy!

In other other news, I could really use a job. The teaching gig doesn't pay much and what it does pay won't come until the end of the semester (LAME!) The good news is that I am attending a bunch of seminars this month that I need to keep my law license current so hopefully a little networking will go a long way to scoring some part-time contracting work. I had hoped I'd have an easier time finding something. Worst case scenario it'll just be a year of me not working. Once baby number 2 is 6 months I can probably go back full-time. Ideally, I'd like to hang my own shingle at that time, but the financial situation will do more to dictate what I end up doing. Money stinks. More specifically, crazy student loan debt stinks.

So, I'm off to enjoy some pudding (the only dessert I can stand at the moment) and curl up with a book and my cat while mrp snoozes in the easy chair. Another rockin' Friday night here in mrpandsaltyland!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Maybe Marathons Aren't for Me

I've been mulling this idea over since Akron: maybe I'm not cut out for the marathon. I think physically I could be a good marathoner, but I think my temperament might not be able to handle 3ish hours of racing. I think too much. I really do. I analyze and overanalyze and allow my mind to throw a wrench in my running. My best marathons were my first when I didn't know enough to over-think it and my last when I just didn't care all that much about the final time--I was focused on finishing and closing out the season. When I cared A LOT about the outcome, the times were decent but I was miserable through most of the race. What's the point of that?

In my last marathon I really made a lot of progress towards letting go and enjoying the ride. I wasn't perfectly relaxed or carefree, don't get me wrong! But, for me I did a pretty good job of not worrying too much and living in the moment. For much of the race I had a smile on my face. That's definitely a new development for me!

Besides my temperament, my life just may not be conducive to marathon training anymore. When I wasn't working and was taking care of just one baby running 80+ miles per week was a bit much but doable. But in a couple of months I start my teaching gig and then in June I'll be having another baby. Although, I scored a double BOB at a super price off Craigslist already, I just don't see high mileage in my near future.

Oh but yes, pregnant again! (In fact, I was pregnant during the marathon--I think my slowish times makes a heck of a lot more sense now that I know this.) It's pretty early still,--just about 7 weeks. Like last time, I considered keeping it to myself, but that's not in my nature. I feel like poop, I totally look pregnant already and it's pretty much all that's on my mind. Plus, I would want to share our story if something goes awry. I don't go to see the midwives until the week before Thanksgiving--they're making me wait until 10ish weeks! It's kind of driving me crazy, but kind of not because there's not a whole lot they could do before then anyway. Maybe now we can hear the heartbeat at the first appointment. That would be nice!