Sunday, January 31, 2010


We found out yesterday that #2 is a girl! I was shocked. I swore I'd be one of those chicks with all boys. It's funny, although I am so stoked about having a girl (pigtails!) there is a part of me that's sad we aren't having another boy. I kind of got attached to the idea that I'd have two little boys super close in age. I pictured them as teenagers and running with me at the park, well them running and old me trying to keep up!

Of course the silly thing is that a boy and a girl can do the exact same thing to me. It's just one of those things--the gain of a daughter means not gaining a son. When you gain one you sort of lose one. When I found out peanut was a boy I bawled my eyes out! I was not sad I was having a boy and I really didn't think I wanted a girl more than a boy or anything before finding out. Just when I knew it was a boy, I suddenly knew it wasn't a girl and for that moment I was sad about that. I got over it quickly though! I don't know, maybe these feelings are just weird hormonal pregnancy feelings.

In other news, today I ran with a group at the park by my house. It was 3 degrees! 3 DEGREES! Very cold, but the sun was out and there was no wind so it actually wasn't that bad. I hooked up with a group of local high school students, a couple of coaches and a couple of dads. They promised me they wouldn't go too fast. UGH. For the first half of the run I was struggling not to get ditched. I actually wouldn't have minded getting ditched, but for some reason my little legs wouldn't give up, at least not too soon into the run. I'm glad they didn't because once I caught back up I got lost in conversation and I ended up breaking away from the rest of the group at the end of the run! I just can't start out too fast these days. I think I am lucky to get going around 9:40 pace and then I can creep down from there most days. But some days I just feel like poo and can't go much faster, if that pace. It's day by day.

I ended up running 8 freezing, hilly miles with some on trails in under 9:00 pace which is seriously stellar for me these days. My legs feel like I did a hard 20, but I'll take it!

But it was nice to run with dads and their daughters. Maybe someday that will be me tagging along on the run as my son and daughter run with their teams.


TJ's Mom said...

Congratulations on your sweet girl!! I'm like first thought would be "i don't know how to take care of a little girl!" But you will...already you do : )

kyle the girl said...

I'm not pregnant (thank god), but if I'm not feeling in tip-top running shape I always start slow and have to 'creep down' too. I thought maybe I was just being lazy. Heh.