Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fresh Winter Air

We've had a heat wave in these parts the last few days--upper 30's and into the low 40's. What does that mean for your humble blogger? Why, it's time to bust out the BOB and take peanut for a run in the park! Seriously, we have been so cooped up and I have been so darn busy with work for my little contracting job and prepping for my class and the yucko cold and snow that we really needed to get out--both of us! I have never seen little peanut so excited to go for a ride than he was on Thursday and Friday when we hit the snowy bike path at the park. It was great! It's a little hard on me--it is pretty tough to push the BOB through snow and slush, let alone add in the whole pregnancy thing, but seeing peanut's happy little smily rosy cheeks and breathing in the fresh cool air was so so so so worth it! And he has been much happier because of it. He needs his outside time and he would like you to know that momma pulling him in the sled for 20 minutes at a snails pace is not cutting it, people!

Since I have the weather shield for the BOB, trail shoes and a new badass attitude, I think I will take him out as long as the trail footing is doable and the weather is at least 27 degrees. Yes, I will be THAT psycho runner lady all the neighborhood gossips about, but you know what? Peanut and I will have the last laugh with all the fresh air and extra vitamin D we get. So hmmmph.

In other news, I got in 7 miles on my own yesterday and I headed down to run with SERC this morning. I ran with the SERC group a few times when I was building towards my last marathon and had some spectacular runs. One of my buddies has been slowed by a series of unfortunate events so we hit the roads together with another buddy coming off the DL. We were pulling up the rear with our 9:05 pace, but it felt great, we had fun and I think all of us are pretty happy just to be out there at this point. There's nothing like sharing a great run with great people. I ran 6 with them and then headed out for another two to get in 8 for the day. I am super pleased with that. I decided I want to get in three runs during the week no matter how short or pathetic and then try to run 13-15 miles over the weekend. This weekend I got in the 15, so I am super thrilled. What is even more thrilling is that I have now run 5 days in a row and feel great, even after running a whopping (for these days) 8 miles. I think I might be able to comfortably do 10. Maybe next week.

Oh, yeah. Speaking of 10 miles, I decided that I need a goal to keep myself motivated to continue running in the face of nasty weather, inconvenience, work, and life stuff. Last time I was pregnant I had to keep going so I could run my 7.7 mile leg of the Speed Bumps relay at 31 weeks. This time, at 31 weeks there is a 10 mile race that I think I will shoot for. It may not be pretty and there may be several pee breaks, but I think I can do it. And worse case scenario, if I feel I'm not up to 10 I can probably switch to the corresponding 5k, but either way I'm still running at 31 weeks and that's the goal. Well, I hope to make it past 34 weeks, which is when I stopped last time, but really if I can get well into the third trimester up and running, what on earth do I have to complain about?


DC Running Mama said...

Wow, running with a jogging stroller in the snow? That's awesome! Goals are good:> I'll be virtually cheering for you to make it to 31 weeks and beyond!

Laura said...

We've had a couple of days of somewhat not completely freezing...and what did we do here? Bundle up!!! Jogger here we come!!!! and YAYAAY the next weeks forcast looks promising too! All those people who think we are crazy should spend the day inside with the kids and see if they wouldn't prefer running in a little bit of cold! Enjoy your running!