Monday, February 08, 2010

All Atwitter

So, if you haven't noticed I've added a twitter feed to the blog over there on the right. Originally, I just wanted a little box to post a daily inspiration. I was running on Saturday and I was inspired (heh) by the whole Brooks ID thing to post what inspires me daily. So, I am doing that on twitter and of course that comes across in the feed. However, I decided to just go full blown twitter and tweet to my heart's content. So, somedays you might just see my daily inspiration and other days there might be a stream of tweets because I had too much coffee (after #2 is born--very limited caffein until then!)

In other news I barely managed to run 4 days last week. The weather is back to cold and gross so I was only able to take peanut out once. The other weekday I snuck out after mrp got home from work milking the daylight for all it was worth! I had plenty of time for 4 miles, but I'm not a big fan of running on the roads at that time because a-holes are in a hurry to get home and drive like maniacs on my twisty turny hilly street. I was a glowing bright pink beach ball out there, but all it takes is some jerk on a cell phone or eating a big mac and I'm diving in a ditch. So, it kind of takes the fun out of the run a bit when you're constantly assessing the jump-in-worthiness of the ditches.

Oh, and then the weekend was crazy! On Saturday mrp and I put on our Pheasant Valley farmer hats and had a meeting with a farmers market board to try to get them to take us on for a Saturday market. That would be so sweet! I still managed to get in a solid six and still get back in time to make it to my last prenatal yoga class of the series at my local yoga center. My mother-in-law gave me a 5 class pass for xmas. So nice!

Yesterday, I had tons of work and then a baby shower for the fab Jen C. When I got home mrp had also just arrived with peanut asleep in his truck. I totally had given up on a run for the day, but mrp insisted--"GO!" He said. "Just get out and do 3 or 4 miles." So, I did. And I'm so happy. The sun was still shining even at close to 5 o'clock and there were no a-holes and no ditch-diving strategizing. Just me, the road and a little bit of winter sun.


DC Running Mama said...

What a good husband pushing you out the door for a run! I can't believe you've joing the Twitter gang...I'm not there yet...maybe someday...this luddite is still trying to accept that she's a blogger!

Katie said...

Unrelated to your post, but I wanted to comment--I signed up for a Bradley method course! We start March 1 and I am very excited! I hadn't ever heard of the Bradley method until you posted about it, so thank you for the information about it.

And ugh, I didn't even run 4 days last week. Last week was bad, very bad exercise-wise for this soon to be mama.

Congrats on hitting your halfway point!

The Salty One said...

DCRM--I am loving twitter. I never thought I'd hear (read) myself say (write) that!

Katie--that makes me really happy! I hope you love the classes as much as I did. Since we're due really close to the same time I'd love to compare notes and share stories of our little ones. If you're interested e-mail me (thesaltyone at gmail dot com).