Sunday, February 21, 2010


After a couple of light weeks on the running front, I managed to get out these last 5 days in a row. The sun came out most of those days. Sunny days in February here are official holidays. I was able to get peanut out in the BOB on the bike path Thursday and Friday. It was noticeably harder than the last time I pushed him through the snow, slush and ice. It might be because of the path conditions or it might be the extra pounds and the bigger #2. Who knows. I am just happy to get out in the sun!

Yesterday I snuck out later in the afternoon, after sneaking in an hour nap nonetheless, for 6 miles. I was pleased to see my pace back to normal. A brisk 9:15 average, which is very good for me given the hilly terrain. And get this: within a 6 mile run I had to take three pee breaks! And yes, that meant I had to pee along the side of the road. Good thing for trees! You wouldn't believe it from that run, but my pregnant bladder has actually improved a lot over the last month or so. Around the second trimester mark the uterus lifts up off the bladder, well at least until later in the third trimester when the baby is so huge it's ALWAYS on the bladder. Fun times. Yesterday, I made the mistake of running 45 minutes after a cup of tea. Dumb.

Then this morning I headed out to my local park to run with the group there. I tried to find someone who would putz along with me at a nice 9:00-9:30 pace, but no such luck. I was stuck with whatever the group was doing. Luckily I hooked up with a high school girl recovering from the flu--I smelled weakness and knew I could convince her it was ok to run 9:00 pace. I ran with her for about 5.5 and then the kids left and it was just grown-ups left. There were some guys continuing on for 40 minutes, but I figured I was good for another 20ish so I decided to head out with them and then cut back when I was ready. I ended up running 3 more miles with them in 26:00 and I actually held a conversation. I felt like a superstar! Normally there isn't much difference between a 9:00 and an 8:40 pace, but these days it feels like I have no pace range. 9:30 is super easy. 9:00 is brisk. 8:40 is tempo pace. And anything under 8:00 is crazy-legged sprinting.

I can't complain though. This time last pregnancy I was lucky to ever break 10:00 pace and finish a run without a walk break or two. I'm definitely running better and more comfortably this time. It could be that it's not hot. But I like to think it's because I'm just more fit and generally bad-assed. Whatever it takes to get me through these next four months!

In other news, peanut just gets cuter every day. These days he is very enamored with the treadmill. He climbs up on it and starts walking backwards! We turn it on for him and he walks at .5 mph for a few seconds before dropping to all-fours and riding it off the back. He just loves it!

And even more precious, he has started to say bye-bye and wave and he even does it at the appropriate time! He started doing it all of a sudden. The thing is that is so extra cute about it though is that he doesn't pronounce it "bye-bye" he pronounced it "bah-bah." And he yells it. It is seriously the sweetest thing I think I have ever witnessed.

Anyway, I have a lot of work to do and have been doing enough procrastinating (as usual). So, bah-bah!


Viper said...

Funny pic. This weekend was perfect for running. Sunny and above freezing? Can't ask for much more. Cheers!

DC Running Mama said...

Nathan loves the treadmill, too! He breaks out in a big smile whenever he sees it and walks over to it and points his finger up at the control bar for me to turn it on!