Friday, February 26, 2010

The First Time All over Again

Every so often I check the reader stats for my blog. One thing that always stands out to me is who finds my blog through a google search. The funniest thing to me is the post that comes up most often: this one about my bout with pleurisy is #1! The other thing that's funny, is that after I posted that risque picture of myself in my last post, my readership about doubled! I have no idea why, but I think it's funny. I hope you're not all laughing at me! With me is ok, but not AT me please.

Anyway, enough meta-blog stuff. Let's talk about running! I am excited to announce that my adorable little sister, Miss Adventurous (kyle the girl, whatever she's calling herself these days) is training for her first full marathon! I am so so so so excited to have the privilege of coaching her. I hope she doesn't mind if I tell you a bit about her journey. If she does, she will surely comment and let me know. Anyway, she's come such a long way. When we were kids, I was always the athletic over-achieving one and she was the creative emotional one. She struggled with her weight as a kid and as a young adult, yet in high school she joined the cross-country team anyway. She was the kid that always won the spirit award: She was far from fast (her 5k pr was something like 28:00), but she always gave it her all. After high school, she like me pretty much hung up her running shoes. But again, like me, picked it back up seriously in her late 20's (although she beat me there: I didn't start again until I was 29 and she when she was 28).

Since she started running again, she has amazed herself with her progress and her hot new body! She has lost a lot of weight and looks amazingly fly (although she was always beautiful if you ask me!) What's truly amazing is how far she's come. She ran her first half-marathon last October in 2:04. She improved that to 1:55 last month! I know lots of serious runners who work for years to break 2:00 for a half and my little artsy unathletic sister comes out of nowhere and does it almost effortlessly.

That's not to say that there are no obstacles in her quest to run her first marathon. She works in the movie biz and her work hours can be training-prohibitive at times, so her training schedule needs to be flexible. I have her running 4-6 days (whatever she can get in) with a long run, a medium long run\tempo, a shorter run with strides or intervals and a firm easy 6 miler every week. She can fill in with 1-3 easy 4 milers if she has time or feels up to it. She will peak at 50 miles per week max, but will mostly be hovering around 40-45 miles per week. She will race her first tune-up 4-mile race this weekend to see where she's at fitness-wise and from there we will set her training paces. After that she has a 15k at the end of March and then she'll just plug away until the big day in Cleveland on May 16!

I am just hoping that I can run the last 1-3 miles with her. It should be interesting at 35 weeks pregnant! But, I think the adrenaline and excitement of running her in to her first marathon finish will help #2 and me to don our running shoes and get the job done! Oh, I cannot wait!


Shevaun said...

I don't think anyone was laughing at your belly picture. It will be something you look back and smile at after the baby arrives.

jsmarslender said...

I don't think anyone was laughing either. I saw your belly and tried to figure out when I'll have that belly - right now I just look like I ate a good lunch. : )

I liked your story about your sister. I helped my little sister train for her first half and we ran it together; really enjoyed that.

kyle the girl said...

Shameless self promotion? If anyone wants to follow my progress I (very intermittently) post my running accomplishments and thoughts on my Tumblog:

The whole reason I started running in high school was because I admired and wanted to emulate my big sis. And I think the reason I'm crushing all my goals so quickly (NOT effortlessly) is that you leave some big shoes to fill, missy! I can't wait for the big day. It's gonna be a huge victory for me, and made all the more special with you there!

Mnowac said...

Thats so great, go Kyle!