Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Gray Today Sun Tomorrow

Peanut is thankfully doing so much better. He even slept pretty well last night. I only had to get up with him for a few minutes twice. Not bad, considering I was up with him probably 12 times the night before!

He is doing so much better, that mrp and I decided to keep him on his schedule and I dropped him off at the sitter this morning at 8:00 sharp as usual. He started sobbing as soon as he knew I was going, but he always does that lately. Poor little guy! It just breaks my heart to see his little pouty red face and his arms outstretched to me. But I know it's best for everyone that I go. And when I get to the sitter's house to pick him up I bet he'll be happy as a clam as he always is.

In other news, I am struggling with the imminent decline of two grandparents. I am so lucky at the ripe ol' age of 34, to still have all four of my grandparents living. It's even more awesome that peanut has gotten to know them. It's funny though, in each couple one grandparent is super healthy and full of vim and vigor and the other is frail and in ill health. So, over the last week or so I've learned that the frail member of each grandparent couple is very very ill.

(quick aside: this law student sitting at the table next to me is talking to another student across the room-which really is irritating in itself--and dropping the f-bomb every other word. Here's your future lawyers, America!)

It's so crazy, that I went to the hospital last week to visit my grandpa (we'll call him grandpa w) and while peanut and I were waiting for the elevator my other grandpa (grandpa g) was in it going up to see grandma g while she was getting a blood transfusion! It was kind of nice for us--we got to see all my grandparents in one trip! I found on that grandpa w was released from the hospital on Monday, but now grandma g has been admitted. There is talk of hospice. It's sad.

Yeah, running isn't really a top priority right now. If I wasn't pregnant I think I'd be running more than ever to make sense of things. But, that doesn't work as well when you're pregnant. Well, pregnant and raising a toddler and trying to do too many other things at once and have no time or extra energy to get in a good run. Now I try making sense of things when I'm tossing and turning at 5:00 a.m. or rocking with peanut in the middle of the night. I don't know if these methods are just less effective, but things aren't making sense the way they used to.

That being said, the forecast calls for mid-30's and sun tomorrow and Thursday. Look out bike path! Peanut and I are going for some runs outside! Maybe by the end of the week, things will make more sense.


DC Running Mama said...

Well, I have a couple of posts to catch up on.

First, YEAH for the wee baby girl! I'm sure she and peanut will be good friends...someday...good that she has a big brother to protect her.

Second, sorry to hear that peanut is sick. There is nothing more miserable and nothing you can do to help. Truth be told, I like how cuddly my little guy is when he feels sick.

Third, You know I am going through the same thing, except it's the healthy grandmother that is now sick. It's hard to think about the end of life. maeks me think about the end of my own life. But, to every life there is a season. My grandmother and I talked about her upcoming test results to know whether or not they can do anything to treat her cancer. She says that at her age (85), she can't feel anger or remorse for her diagnosis because she has lived a long and good life. She is one of her few remaining friends. She says that she had hoped to live to 90, but that she's already lived longer than she thought she would. I hope you get some running in. It has really been helping me.

Chelle said...

I definitely relate in that overwhelmed feeling as my grad career winds up and my mom's healthy declines. Just no toddler to chase around for me!

So...do you gauge your runs just by feel or are you trying to stay below a certain HR? I'm sure you've talked about this in a past post. I might go back to your first pregnancy posts and see what you were thinking about it back then. No reason, just asking.

jsmarslender said...

I understand about making sense of things during a run. Becomes vital after awhile. I hope you're able to think and find some peace.

I just started working again (just a semester) so am balancing a busy schedule and understand that juggle; I hope all goes well for you and that you find time to visit your grandparents. Take care.