Friday, March 05, 2010

The Body Talks

It's hard being on the sidelines these days. As the winter slowly creeps to spring I long to get out there and whip my body into shape. Yet, here I sit in my pj's eating oatmeal and careful not to push my pregnant body too far.

It always amazes me how the pregnant body knows how to communicate that it's feeling a bit overwhelmed. I took peanut up to the park on Wednesday afternoon since it was brilliantly sunny and semi-warm, around 36 degrees. When we arrived at the park, a running acquaintance pulled into the parking lot at the same time. She's very fast so I figured we'd just chat before heading out on our respective runs. Well, after we got to chatting she decided to start with me and surprisingly I was comfortable clipping along at a not too too slow pace and she was game for a super easy (for her) run so we just ran together. It's always nice to run with someone new and the company made my planned easy 4 miler into a brisk 6 miler. Even pushing peanut in the BOB through slush and ice I managed to average 8:53 pace!

But later on that evening I was pooped between the harder run and all the work I had to do for my morning class. Braxton Hicks contractions picked up and I was so wiped out by 9:30. I crawled into bed to rest my weary baby-filled body. It felt so good to lay down! I slept like I was in a coma, even after getting up about 5 times to pee in the middle of the night!

Contrast this with last night. I taught my last class before spring break in the morning and came home and napped with peanut. After we woke up, since the weather was equally perfect for a winter run as the day prior we hit the park. There was quite a bit less slush and ice and I leisurely trotted for a measly four miles. I thought about 5, but remembered how I felt the night before and quit at 4. Peanut and I arrived home just as mrp was coming down the hill. It's always so nice to have our daily reunion outside in the sun! We all came in and gave peanut his dinner and then played in the basement until bed. With no work to do during the evening hours, I felt peppy and full of energy all evening and even chatted with mrp about this and that well after 10:00 p.m. #2 seemed content and her home was not agitated.

So the moral of the story is that even though I want to push my body and be my old athletic self, I have to behave and save it for another day. While I do think it's ok to push the pace here and there, I need to listen to my body and maybe not push the pace on a day when I also have lots of work and stress to deal with or at least balance out the push-days with some leisurely recovery days. Hey, that's what you're supposed to do even when you're not pregnant! How funny that sometimes these basic principles become revelations in a different context.

So the question is do peanut and I hit the trail for a third day in a row to enjoy this beautiful sun and possibly run 6 says this week or do we enjoy the sun in another venue while I rest my pregnant body from running?

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