Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bump on a Log

* I heart my running log. It's so nice to have the past 3-plus years of runs all logged in one easy to access spot. These days I love looking back at my last pregnancy to see how I was feeling then. It can really put things into perspective.

This past week, for instance, I've been noticing a familiar burning sensation on my lower legs at about mile 2.5 of my runs. Last pregnancy, by 34 weeks my legs would fill with lactic acid and because my blood flow was all messed up by the massive baby jumping around in my uterus, the lactic acid would just sit in my legs and make it unbearable to continue running beyond about .5 miles. Well, I was a little worried that this was happening to me already at 25-26 weeks. So, I checked my log and sure enough by this point last pregnancy I had been complaining about it for a few weeks already. Yeah! My running days are not necessarily numbered!

The other thing I noticed in my log from last pregnancy is how slow I was going all the time. There were days I was barely cracking 11:00 pace with walk breaks around this point in my pregnancy. This time, a slow day is over 9:30 pushing the BOB and over 9:10 or so by myself. If I run with others I am always shocked at how fast we're going. Today I was running with a group on the trails by my house. I've always been slow on these trails. I remember back in 2007 when I was possibly in my best shape ever I felt like I was hauling to run in the 8:20's on the trails. Halfway through this morning's 7.5 miler a guy I was running with said, "we're clipping along at a nice pace." I asked him what pace we were running, figuring it was something like 9:30 which to me sounded a bit brisk for me these days on the trails. His reply stunned me, "8:24 pace." I felt fine. Sure, it felt faster than I would run on my own, but still I was holding a conversation and didn't feel like I was dying. At the end of the run we had to run up a megahill and I ran up the entire way and I stopped for a few seconds to help the guy up after he tripped on a root, so that slowed us down a little. I ended up averaging 8:46 pace for the entire run with no breaks whatsoever. I don't think I could have done that on a smooth flat road with three breaks last pregnancy. This is nice!

That's not to say I feel so good and capable on every run. Some days I probably do not deviate much from a 10:00 pace (I normally don't pay much attention--just run my route with no watch). I'm not sure this really will translate into anything after the pregnancy. It's nice to hope maybe I'll bounce back a little more quickly. Who knows. I'm certainly not counting on that happening. But I am enjoying it while I got it!

PS Thank you to everyone who offered up such kind words in the comments to my last post. You all made me feel a lot better that I'm a) not alone and b) not a hopeless heifer. When all is said and done a healthy baby is so worth a temporarily jiggly butt even if said butt jiggles all the way through the summer racing season! It will pass.

*I would probably be better off putting up pictures of cheetahs and gazelles than piglets and lazy seals, but I'll save those bits of inspiration for when they can actually do some good!


Sara said...

We are SO meeting up for a run when I get the all clear in 2 weeks!! This may be the only time ever I can keep up with you. :)

DC Running Mama said...

I had that burning sensation in my calves, too! I remember it going away when was in my third trimester. It's so funny how one day you feel like crap on your run and the next day fine when you're pregnant. 8:30 pace, that's great! I don't think I ever got below 9-10 min pace when I was preggers!

jsmarslender said...

My running this time around is faster than last time. Not fast fast, but usually in the 8:20s or 8:30s; likely to slow as the baby grows. I remember feeling obligated to slow waaay down last time and while I've already slowed some this time, I find myself still able to manage negative splits and sometimes wanting a fast half mile or two.

I also had burning calves - I had no idea why, so thanks for explaining!

Bridget said...

I just read your last post and like someone else said, I could have written it! I am only 17+ weeks and I am pretty much gaining 1 pound/week (maybe more - I quit weighing myself). I was extremely lean and fit going into this pregnancy and the body changes have been drastic (and scary). Because my sisters gained so little weight while pregnant, I was *really* worried about this; like you, I am running 25-30 miles/week, eating super healthy and not binging on useless crap.

My doctor has been great - she has constantly reassured me that this is completely normal, and that she frequently sees this with super fit, lean athletes. The baby starts packing on the fat for protection for us and our bodies respond by gaining . . . it's actually kind of neat to think of it that way.

To be honest, when I saw the most recent picture of you racing, I was like, "darn her! She hasn't gained anything!" You are just belly and you look crazy awesome right now.

Sweet mileage this week!