Monday, March 15, 2010

Friends and Stuff

So, I'm working on my next article for OS&F. This time I want to write about the role friends play in helping us be the best runners we can be. I could write a million pages about my friends and how they've helped me become a better runner (and better person for that matter!) I'll be back after I write my article to share some of my personal feelings on the subject, but for now please share how your friends have helped you become a better runner, person or just made running more fun. I'd love to hear your stories or just generalized observations about your experiences. Thanks!


Michelle Simmons said...

Oh my friends are the reason I run sometimes! The talking and sharing that we women do while we're running is the best communication I ever have with anyone. It's what I kiss the most when I'm injured. Running with my friends also keeps me 100% accountable to show up on time, because I know they will be there. :)
That said, there are lots of women that I just can not run with bc the competitiveness gets out of hand and every run turns into an unspoken race. I can be friends with these women outside of running but not training partners. So it's definitely a personality thing that determines whether two women can run together or not. ;)

Inca Princess said...

It seems like one good friend can make all the difference.

I started running late in life
(44) and was concerned how other runners would treat me - would they be cliquish and snobby since I was new and slow? Unfortunately the answer was "yes" for the most part.

I was fortunate enough to meet my friend Cindy and she was the most open, encouraging person that I'd ever met. She taught me that I should just keep trying my best and the rest would take care of itself. I'm still running and now loving it. Cindy made all the difference for me.

It's way too easy to get too competitive with your friends or have an inflated ego and look down on other runners. Why can't it seem more like a community that is accepting of everyone, regardless of their speed?

DC Running Mama said...

I wish I had more running friends...but I'm getting more...