Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Green Glow

* How about a race report? I decided I was ready to squeeze into my day-glo best and toe the line for the St. Malachi 5 mile race with #2 in tow. I met up with GP, her boyfriend NB and E to caravan over to the Cleveland Flats. We parked and got out of our respective cars and immediately turned to each other and all four of us acknowledged the weather sucked! Windy, cold, rainy. Basically, the least fun weather possible. No matter. We would not be deterred! E just came to spectate and cheer us on while she logged an easy day. GP planned to just run along with NB at whatever pace he felt like keeping. I figured I'd line up with them, but we got separated. I did a quick warm-up with E and DD and we passed the brand sparkling new Hustler Club. (I used to run by it on my tempo\fartlek route and was so sad when it closed, but now it's back! Too bad I hardly ever run downtown anymore. Maybe an incentive to go back to work. Heh.)

After the warm-up it was time to find a starting spot. Since DD and my myriad other friends were probably running too fast for me and plus the starting line was a zoo, I just dove in the middle and headed out on my own. It took a long time to get to the starting line and a while to get going in the race, but I figure the forced slow start is good for me.

While racing as a pregnant person, I find it best to start slow and ease into things. I can push a little after the first mile, a little more at the halfway point and then can push the last mile as hard as I want. Those are my rules regardless of the race length and it seems to work. Today was no different. My first mile was 8:46 which was fine given I wasn't about to risk tripping over the sea of slower runners I was swimming in for the first .5 miles or so. I basically just passed people the entire race, which I have to admit is very fun as a pregnant chick. I love hearing, "Oh man! A pregnant chick just passed me!" It might be pathetic, but it makes my day!

I upped the effort for mile two and ran it in 7:38. I found GP and NB shortly after the 2 mile mark but only because GP yelled at me. They were just casually trotting along and I felt good so I kept on chugging at my own pace. I held steady, not wanting to push too much knowing there was some serious hillage coming up. I just wanted to survive those and make it to the turnaround point at the top without walking. Hills aren't my strong suit these days. My heartrate seems to skyrocket on the big ones so just being able to keep running up any hills is a good goal. The first hill in this race is long and gradual and that didn't seem to bother me too much. The next one comes shortly after and it's much steeper, but I made it up ok and was not crazy out of breath at the crest. I started my descent and let #2 carry me back down. I was shocked to see so many people still coming the opposite way. I really felt like I was in the back of the pack, but actually not so much.

Anyway, I continued on and mile 3 was 7:47. Not bad considering the hills. I just kept trotting along and passing people. I passed a woman around 3.5 and she said, "nice pace you got going there." I slowed down and talked to her and tried to convince her to come with me and try to break 40 minutes. She started slowing down and sent me on my way without her. This slowed mile 4 down a little bit, but it was still 7:47.

I got to the 4th mile marker and started my final push. I was feeling good. A little tired, but good. I knew the last 300 meters or so was a killer hill so I didn't want to be too too crazy. I cruised along and caught up to a guy in a kilt. We joked that we should team up and and drive all the people we pass nuts for getting passed by the pregnant lady and the kilt guy. Heh. I ended up smokin' the kilt guy! I made it to the hill and figured as long as I could run up it I would break 40:00. I chugged and chugged and crossed with a clock time in 39:5x. I stopped my watch at 39:28. I was a little out of breath from the hill, but generally felt pretty good. Before the race, I thought sub-40 was a stretch goal, but it turned out to be easier than I thought. I'll take it!

After the race, I found E and we cheered on GP and NB as they did their final hill chug to the finish. It was freakin' cold, so I left E and got a bottle of water and headed back to our meeting point so I could say goodbye to GP and NB and get home to a hot shower! I did that, made it to my car and shivered all the way home to the giggles and hugs of peanut and mrp. Crappy weather. Great morning!

*Thanks to E for the photos!


E-Speed said...

You did great! Very proud of you, you really are running so well especially considering your "condition." Can't wait to see what you do post baby #2!

allanjel said...

Hahaha! The outfit is awesome! Those runners around you can't help but know they just got whomped on by a fast preggo chick. Of course, it is the only time you will ever run near them cause you are like the "flash" when you're not busy having babies.

Viper said...

Congrats on the race. I'm sure I would have been among those you passed. Cheers!

DaisyDuc said...

You are just friggin amazing! You just looked so cute and ran so well. Definitely good to warm up with ya!