Friday, March 26, 2010

Not Much Ado About a Pinky Toe

* After the pinky incident, I realized that I often I feel like I'm hanging by a thread. A minor injury and I could be done with running for months! If I get behind with my assignments I'll end up a horrible professor! If I don't start on my #2 to-do-list right now we'll be totally unprepared for two kids! If I'm not all things to all people all the time I am a horrible person!

Newsflash: I'm 6.5 months pregnant and a stay-at-home mom to a 16 month old and working two part-time jobs and volunteering on several other projects and trying to keep up a time and energy consuming hobby (running) and also trying to stay sane. Yeah. I might end up feeling like poo from time to time.

If I could do it all over again I certainly wouldn't have taken on so much while being pregnant or at least requested more help. I think that's the key thing. So often these last few weeks I feel in over my head and in need of help but I don't know where to get the help so I just plug along on my own and end up exhausted and even worse feeling all alone. Throw in a bum pinky toe and an obstacle to spending 45 minutes of peace with myself running and I'm a wreck!

I'm sorry to whine. I really really don't want to dwell on the negativity, but I find that sometimes I have to focus on it and let it all out in order to get rid of it. Thanks for bearing with me!

In other news, my toe is still sore but much better. I can't wear most of my running shoes right now without them putting pressure on the bruise, but I fortunately have a pair of Asics I ran in from time to time but never loved so there's some miles left on them. They have a wide toebox and are perfect for wearing right now. The crazy thing is that on Wednesday, the day after I stubbed my toe I was limping around all day but it was because my foot and ankle hurt! I must have strained the tendons while limping from the toe! How annoying! I ended up not running on Wednesday, but I met JenC and BS for a 3.5 mile walk. They are both pregnant and overdue! (*Aren't they beautiful with their big bumps!) It was so nice to get out with some friends and talk about birth and babies and fun stuff like that.

As for my foot, it hurt sometimes on the walk but felt better at other times so I figure it's fine. I went out for a run last night with peanut and wanted to at least get in 3 miles to try it out. It ended up feeling the same as it did on the walk and I was enjoying running as the snow fell (I know. FREAK!) So, I added on another mile for the heck of it. I ran into my friend NC in the parking lot and she was planning to meet E for a 5 mile tempo at 6:18 pace (which is pr 5 mile pace for E!). Oh, if I can join them someday again I will be a happy girl! They are kicking butt!

On the home front, mrp and I are having dinner together tonight and three of my besties from high school are coming over on Sunday with all their little ones so that should be fun (I am trying not to stress about cleaning!) I hope to make it down to run with Carmen, et al on Saturday. We'll see how the foot holds up and if I can make headway on this 3-mile long to-do list I have going on. Blogging isn't helping in that endeavor so with that, have a great weekend everyone!


allanjel said...

This may sound a bit ridiculous, but the negativity I exude on myself when it comes to getting things done IS my motivator. When I start telling myself to quit in a race, or I am not gonna make it, or I suck that is the thing that triggers more determination to do better. The whole "you tried your best," thing doesn't work for me.

It is the completion of the expectation that the overachiever sets on themself.

PS - did you put some ice on your toe? or even sit with your feet elevated above your heart when you can? Unfortunately, the extra fluid from pregnancy is probably not helping the swelling.

Carmen said...

I'm sending cyber healing to your toe so you can run with us tomorrow!

E-Speed said...

you'll be running tempos again with us before you know it! You'll get it all done, it isn't in your nature not to :) In the meantime breathe, and enjoy the sun today!