Monday, March 01, 2010


I just put peanut down for his morning nap. As he nursed I realized that I have nursed him every day for the past 15-plus months. In fact, I have nursed him every single day he's been in the world! I felt very proud of the accomplishment, which is something I've needed after a few months of a strained relationship with breastfeeding.

I am very much a pro-breastfeeding kind of person. (I am by no means a militant breastfeeding advocate, but I do encourage anyone who can to give it a try. But, at the end of the day it is important to me that I breastfeed my own kids and I am not judgey about people who don't. Life is too complicated for that). I espouse the notion of baby led weaning (even though at times I was sure x was going to be the absolute drop dead last day for nursing, I always fell back on this belief). It's been extra hard to follow this principal once I found out I was pregnant while in the full swing of my nursing relationship with peanut.

I'm not going to lie. It has been very physically uncomfortable and occasionally downright painful since I've been pregnant with #2. However, since we weaned peanut at night and are down to two to three nursing sessions max every day it has been much more tolerable and at times pleasant again. I feel bad sometimes, though. Like maybe we are short-changing peanut. If I wasn't pregnant I think we could still have our afternoon non-bedtime nursing\cuddle session on the recliner or the wake-up and snuggle session like we used to. But, I really needed to pare down the sessions for my own sanity. So, we're down to nursing before naps (when I'm home) and before bedtime. The thing that really helps me keep it up is that he doesn't NEED to nurse. It's always optional. He will go to bed without it if he's with mrp or a grandparent or babysitter. I have my full freedom back, but we still nurse. So, it's a win-win really.

I'm not sure what's going to happen when #2 arrives. I am not afraid of becoming the crazy hippy lady who tandem nurses anymore, but I am open to the idea that it may or may not be unworkable. #2 will certainly have top priority so we'll just have to see if peanut can handle sharing. If not, so be it. We will have had a nice long nursing relationship by then and I will hopefully not feel too guilty about it ending before it might otherwise have ended. (Oh, excuse me. Peanut would like to add the following: "yeah, if it weren't for that pesky sister coming along and spoiling everything!")

Heh. It's easy to think that the arrival of #2 will be a a negative in peanut's mind, but I really believe that it will bring out the best in him and he will be as loving a big brother as any toddler can be, even if he has to share or give up his boobs for it!

Anyway, sorry to all my non-parent readers out there. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled non-boob-related topics next post :)


Trisaratops said...

Good on you for nursing! I am having another good experience with the Little Bean--been very lucky. I stopped around 4 months with Bug (mostly for work reasons) and am hoping to go 6 months with Bean. I am sure I'll have lots of questions for you about how you train while nursing. I seem to make enough milk for a small army and am a little nervous on how to time things up with runs, swims, and rides...

I am sure Peanut will be such a good big brother. That's been the most fun about #2--watching how loving and protective he is of her. I can't wait for you to watch Peanut do the same! :)

allanjel said...

It seems many mothers try for around 6 months. Having no children I cannot speak first hand about the pain, but the research we covered shows increased immunity and lower rates of infections for the baby and apparently breastfeeding for 2-4 years is common in other countries. I think Americans are unfortunatley, immature about nudity and the entire NATURAL experience that breastfeeding is. Either way, it is definitely a PERSONAL preference, so don't worry.

jsmarslender said...

Claire got really distracted around a year. So I offered one day and not the next, letting her decide. She wasn't fussy about it at all, but I would have been happy to continue too. I am looking forward to nursing the new one (due September 10!).

Sounds like you're already pared down on the nursing. Hopefully, Peanut will decide he's ready to yield the boob to the baby. (I've read that milk sometimes dries up around five or six months pregnant...maybe that will answer for you two).

Mnowac said...

You amaze me, I don't know how you do it. I am so ready to have my boobs back, Harper has 2 more months and counting, then we're done! But luckily she is taking wole milk better and better from a sippy cup, so I think she'll be okay with it. That nighttime nurse might take me a little more than a year to kick, but hopefully not too long. Rock on with your hippy self, do it as long as it works for you guys.