Sunday, April 25, 2010

10 Miles at 31 Weeks and a New (to us) Car!

The 10 miles went swell! It was pretty much perfect weather for a longer race in April along Lake Erie. There was a little wind, but relative to what it could be and to what it was last year (80+, humid and super-windy), the slightly breezy 50's and light intermittent sprinkles felt perfect.

I also had the perfect outfit. Thanks to Carmen, I had a maternity running tank to wear. After weeks, if not months of tugging my tops down as they ride over my belly it is such an amazing thing to have a running top that actually fits! I wore that with my maternity running skirt and Brooks Ravenna (great light-weight stability trainers!) I wasn't about to try to squeeze the belly into my Brooks uniform. I actually don't think I could right now! I'm up 35 lbs and although you can't tell from this photo, the belly is pretty freakin' enormous!

But I actually feel pretty good all things considered. I met up with my buds GP and E to carpool over. E is recovering from her stellar run at Boston just a few days ago and wanted to jog a few miles so she started with me. We were in no hurry to get to the starting line so we ended up WAY in the back. It took us two minutes to get to the line! It was good though. It kept us behaving ourselves and we had fun with it. E decided she'd be my blocker and announce there was a pregnant lady coming through any time we got boxed in. It was silly and fun! I only loosely watched our splits. I think we were something like 9:30 for mile one and then settled into right around 9:00 pace or a hair under after that.

Around mile three we passed a group of girls who recognized me from XC camp last summer. They were super cute and it was fun catching up with them. I felt so flattered they remembered me, especially since they weren't even in my group! E and I continued on and had fun cheering for the lead runners coming back in the opposite direction.

I saw my good friend monicaonthego was up a ways ahead and there was a couple with a BOB that E really wanted me to beat, so I kind of put it in my head to a) try to catch up and run with monica and b) definitely get the BOB people! Not because I felt like being competitive, but for something to do once E left me at mile 7.

We passed the half-way point averaging just a hair over 9:00 pace. This pace felt good. I was conversating away, no problem. E was getting tired and didn't want to overdo it on her mega-recovery week so she left me right around mile 7 and 1:03:05 into the race (maybe someday I can do the whole 10 in that time. That would be nice!) I felt pretty good so I picked it up a bit. I finally caught monica around 8.5 and ran with her until 9:00. Her knees were bugging her so she decided not to come with me as I hammered (heh) my way to the finish. It felt good to open up the stride and move my big self. I didn't feel very tired or anything. I felt good and it was fun to pick off person after person. I passed the BOB couple with about 1k to go. As I ran down the last straight-away to the finish, E, GP and BH were hootin' and hollarin' as I ambled my way along. And then I saw a bunch of my old friends from work, which was really nice too.

I didn't really care what time I finished with. I have no idea what I run on most days and I have definitely felt lately like I am getting WAY slower as the days go by. I thought I could run 90 minutes comfortably on a good day, so I was pleased to come in with a 1:27:28. I must have been cookin' (relatively) over those last three miles. I managed to get my average pace down to 8:24 for the last 5 miles after running the first two of those miles at 9:00 pace. More than anything I am so happy that it was so fun and it felt so good!

I love my friends for helping me by making running fun even as I plod along these days. I've had a rough couple of weeks and needed to recharge with a fun morning!

Afterwards, I still had enough energy to survive car shopping. Mrp and I are now proud owners of a Honda Pilot! Mrp ended up really gunning for a super nice 2008 model. It was a lease and very well taken care of. It has lots of bells and whistles and it seriously the nicest car I have ever owned.* I feel so fancy driving it! The only totally weird thing is that it has the dvd player in it. I always swore I would NEVER have that, but the car was so nice it seemed silly to pass on it because of that. I guess it will come in handy if we take road trips a couple years down the line, or if mrp and I feel like going on a date to the drive-in but can't get a babysitter! Hey. You never know.

*I might be a lawyer, but you would never know it based on the cars I drive! In fact, when the car sales dude looked at my current car (a 2003 Jetta) he laughed at it (needless to say we didn't trade it in). Sure it has well over 100,000 miles and sure you can tell I've more or less lived in the thing for 7 years, but I LOVE that car! It was my first and only new car ever and it has tons of sentimental value. In fact, I'd drive it for another 100k if we could all fit into it!


E-Speed said...

Glad to be part of your fun day!

allanjel said...

It was awesome seeing you run so many people down and finish so well. It's like we have our own local version of a knocked up Paula Radcliffe!

I suppose when your not preggo there aren't enough girls in front of you to do that to :)

We have to talk babies soon.

Mnowac said...

LOL, I love you. Yep, my knees that's why I didn't run fast with you to the finish :) I couldn't have kept up with you if I wanted to, 31 pregnant or not, you are one fast mamma. Good to see you, thanks for the butt smack!

Trisaratops said...

You totally passed my buddy Laura--she told me today, "OMG, a VERY pregnant lady passed me! I am so bummed!" I told her what a rockstar you were so not to beat herself up. ;) Congrats on a great run!

Yay for the car! I cried when my little '99 Chevy Cavalier drove away last July--the only car I've ever owned! So I can relate! :) ha ha

The Salty One said...

See world, look what great friends I have! Thanks everybody :)

Viper said...

Congrats on a fun race and beating those BOB-ers. I considered this race, but my training never got consistent enough for me to feel good about it. Maybe next year.

Katie said...

Congrats on a great run (especially at 31 weeks!) and the new-to-you car!