Friday, April 02, 2010

A Guide to Dressing your Obese Gorilla

* All right. I've HAD it with all of my running clothes. I feel like an obese gorilla in every article of warm-weather running clothes I own. When it was still cold, I gave up on my own shirts that rode up over my belly in favor of mrp's shirts. That was working ok, although I felt like I was wearing a muumuu over tights most days. Whatever. It was more comfortable than a smaller shirt bunched up halfway over my belly.

Now it's warm and since I'm gargantuan, none of my lighter clothes fit at all. Last pregnancy I only ever wore my warm-weather gear and I think I just sort of dealt with the problems that are driving me crazy now (actually, I think the novelty of pregnancy was alive and well and convinced me I was adorable with my chub rub and belly bouncing out from under my shirts. This time, not so much.) Anyway, last pregnancy I bought two huge singlets and used safety pins to make darts at the boobs. They already feel too short (I actually think I might have shrunk them last pregnancy when I kept sending them to the gym laundry because I was too lazy to rinse them at home). I feel my belly hanging out when I wear them. I also bought a maternity running skirt, which is the only light bottom I can wear without feeling really awful (just a little awful). All my shorts feel horrible. My legs and butt feel so fat and that feeling is exacerbated by the shorts. I do prefer short shorts when I'm not a tub, so that's probably a lot of the problem right there! I need some granny shorts, I guess.

I'm thinking of hitting up Target and buying some more gigantic singlets and maybe some longer shorts. Maybe that will help. Other than that, anyone have any ideas? Is it pathetic that some days I consider not running because I feel so gross in my clothes?!

* Mrp took a picture of me this evening playing around with peanut post run. Notice the cankles in full effect! I had my first swelling of this pregnancy. It was 84 degrees and we took a long drive. I went to the park immediately after we returned and the funny thing about a mile into the run I had to relace my shoes because the swelling went down and my feet were sliding all over in them!


Mnowac said...

No its not pathetic. You just have to buck up and buy a few things that don't make you feel awful. I got to a point in my pregnancy where I was pulling my hair out, so I went to kohls bought some large capris and mens workout shirts and was much, much happier on the rest of my runs. If Target happens to have their shorts that are tight and made to fit like bike shorts, get those. I made it through most of my weight loss wearing those, they are flattering b/c they are tight and since they are long and tight, they keep the chub rub at bay. You work out enough to justify some clothes, go forth and buy guilt free! If you think you'd wear them I just put away 2 pairs of black running capris I could bring you.

chelle said...

So maybe I'm lucky that I can't run after all...? I'm still holding out for a change of heart in that dept from my dr. but I guess I'll still get to deal with all this when it comes to swimming. I just bought a sporty 2 piece since my tummy is starting to drag the top of my suit down to a scandalous degree, but I may have underestimated what my bum and legs will look like in a couple of months. And do I REALLY want to subject the entire pool to my bare belly? Ah, what fun.

It does seem unfair that huge basketball style shorts have gotten fashionable of late for men to run in, but not really women. You could still try that though I wonder if chafing would be an issue.