Friday, April 16, 2010

The Stork

Phew! Things are finally starting to slow down here in Saltyland. I was already maxed out with work and peanut raising and the add in a family tragedy and I was way overwhelmed there for a week or so. But I just wrapped up my last class yesterday and all I have to do now for my class is finish writing the exam and grade 8 of them in a couple of weeks. I still have my contracting gig, but the 10 hours of work I have to do is nothing on its own, so without the teaching obligations hanging over my head every week it should be no big thing to get that done.

So now what? Now it's time to focus on this baby coming to our doorstep in two months. My midwife said second babies tend to come at the same point in pregnancy as first babies, so I guess we have just 9 weeks to go! Two months to two babies!

I'm still running along. I ran 10 miles with my sister last weekend. It was a perfect morning, weather-wise. We hit my favorite trails and I even made it all the way up the huge hill at the end while talking! She continued on for another 10--go Miss A! She's gearing up for her first marathon in just about 4 weeks. I cannot wait. My goal is to run the last few miles with her. I'll be 34 weeks pregnant. Last time I quit running then. Hopefully I can keep it going for 4 more weeks this time!

As for my racing plans, based on how well my 10 miler went last weekend I am probably going to run a 1o mile race in a week and a half. It just depends on the weather. If it's looking like it's going to be hot I'm going to pass. Me, running and hot weather don't mix so well these days. I ran just 4 yesterday while it was 82 and it felt way harder than the 10 I ran with my sister on a sunny 50-60 degree morning. It was one of those waddly runs and one of those runs where the lactic acid built up in my lower legs. Somedays I feel totally normal when I run and about once a week these days I feel like tweedle-dee. At least I'm still chugging along. I am certainly not complaining.

Besides all that mrp and I are beginning our final assault on our prepare-for-#2 to-do-list. The biggest thing on the list is to purchase a "family-size" vehicle. Currently we own one two-seat pick-up truck and one compact car. The three of us barely fit in the car so we definitely need to size-up to make room for #2. Of course, my big requirement is that the car has to fit the double-Bob so that I can just unfold it and go--I can fit it in the trunk of our current car but it requires removing the wheels and a little Tetris. For his part, mrp wants something that will help us transport our wares to market too. So, we need something on the big side. Mrp and I engaged in a no-minivan pact upon our marriage so vans are out. That leaves SUV's, wagons and cross-overs. We are so not fancy car people, so something simple and spacious. But not too big. Fuel-efficiency is another top requirement. I never ever thought I'd drive anything other than a simple compact car. This is weird!

Oh and Marathon Monday is upon us! Can't wait to track all 900 people I know running it this year. The weather looks perfect. The excitement is building. I have a couple of friends primed for big break outs (I'm looking at you, E and DC!) Almost makes me forget how miserable my Boston experience was and want to go back!


Katie said...

Congrats on wrapping up the school year!

I am envious that you are still running--two weekends ago I tried (at 29.5 weeks) and running hurt. It just didn't feel good. Plus I had the sensation of needing to pee with every footstrike. The sensation went away when I started walking instead so that's what I've been doing the past couple of weeks!

We bought a "family car" last fall as we were gearing up for all things baby. We had a VW Golf and a Toyota Corolla but traded in the Golf for a 2009 Subaru Outback. There weren't a lot of deals to be had, but we liked the 09 model more than than the larger 2010 model and saved some money getting a gently used demo. Plus, the Sube is NOT a minivan (it's a sport wagon, not a station wagon. Sure, sure, we can pretend like there's a difference) and I THINK it's a car-based platform rather than truck-based so it gets better gas mileage.

Good luck!

jessica said...

Ha -- we have the "no-minivan pact" too! I pride myself in easily fitting 2 kids + gear in our VW GTI, way more fun to drive than a van!

That said, I'm starting to notice at least weekly that it would be convenient to carry an extra family member or someday a little friend. An average person can easily fit in the middle back seat between my two, but they'd be a Britax sandwich in case of a wreck. In other words: any 5-passenger vehicle becomes a 4-seater with two carseats, no matter how much space.

We're trying to hunt down a rare Volvo or Audi wagon with a 3rd-row bench, but may settle for really sizing up to an XC90, Pilot or [gag] Yukon/Tahoe. So, you might consider something with that extra seating option if you plan to have it for awhile.

If not, I'd throw in another plug for the Outback (specifically the XT) -- wow, I LOVED everything about that car (but it was our first sacrifice when I quit working).