Sunday, May 02, 2010

And Gravy

My exams are graded and I just wrapped up my contract work for the month of April. That means I actually have some free time! Woo! I have lots of fun stuff on tap this week: play date with monicaonthego's daughter, lunch with Jen C and baby C, maybe a hair cut, a lunch date with mrp, and my weekly visits to my grandparents.

Of course there will also be running. Not a ton, but I will log some quality miles. I felt good running this past week. I made it out 18.5 miles over 4 runs. I think that is sufficient given the running around and general busy-ness I had going on last week. Maybe I'll log more this week, maybe not. I just don't care. I'm happy.

This morning I headed to the trails to redeem myself after my last disastrous trail run. I thought I could get out early enough to meet monicaonthego for part of her long run, but alas peanut was being all fun and cute and mrp and me were having a blast helping him with his breakfast and playing. Then mrp insisted he put in some floor mats in the new car and stuff like that (totally fair given how I stained the interior of the Jetta with all my muddy and sweaty trail running shenanigans!) I was a good 45 minutes late to meet monica but a group I sometimes run with were waiting for stragglers. I was hesitant to run with a group because I have no business pushing too hard these days and it really would be pointless. I want to keep my runs nice and relaxed from now until #2 is here.

Lucky for me there were two faster guys and an acquaintance who normally leads the group, but who just happened to be recovering from pneumonia. Perfect! So me and acquaintance headed out on our own after watching the faster dudes zip on down the trails. Acquaintance normally is in group leader mode and I never really got to know her. It was like running with others was her job so it wasn't the usual conversations I have with my other running buddies. But with just her and me, we had a really nice conversation and I could actually see being buddies with her in a way I never could before. It's funny how a one-on-one run can do that.

The run itself was great. No calamities and I finished. That's my bar these days. I averaged around 9:30 pace for 6 miles on the trails and I even managed to run all the way up the mega-hill! The mega-hill is gravy!

Anyway, it's late on Sunday and now that all my boring ol' sit-on-my-butt-in-front-of-the-computer work is done I'm going to go get up and do something other than sitting on my butt in front of the computer!

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